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Document letter: Taliban leaders have close relationship with Military Intelligence of Pakistan

Translated from Urdu to English

Thursday 30 August 2012, by Editorial Staff

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Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan

South West Zone
Date 28/5/2008

Dear Brother Mr.Colonol Usman,

Director Military Intelligence!

Salam Alaikum wa Rematullah wa Barakaat!

Two loaded Vehicles carrying goods for Talban mujahedeen (Muslim fighters) are entering Afghanistan via Noshki and Dalbandin. It is hope that entrée permission will be granted for both vehicles.

Vehicle black color 4x4, Vigo model 2006, plate No. Karachi Sindh CK ( 8091 )
Vehicle silver color Hi-Lux 4x4, Model 2003, plate No. Sindh Karachi CH ( 9316 )

I have sent my representative, Mullah Musa along with. Hopefully you will be co-operating.

Mullah Abdul Rahim
Governor Helmand (signature with stamp)

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