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4GB USB Flash Memory Costs $100 in Karzai’s Administration

Thursday 28 March 2013, by Editorial Staff

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Kabul Press: It has been published and revealed dozens of documents showing corruptions and miss-used by Afghan high ranking officials such as Anwar ul-Haq Ahady(Current Commerce and Industries minister), Omar Zakhilwal (Current Finance minister) and Hanif Atmar (former Education minister) in Kabul Press.

The following document obtained by Kabul press shows a small example of Corruption in Karzai’s administration.

In Kabul market, a 4GB USB Flash Memory doesn’t cost more than $8.00, but this document tells it costs $100 in Karzai’s Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

Karzai’s regime has formed by tribalism/ Talibanism, drag and corruption. According to Transparency International, Afghanistan under Karzai’s administration is the most corrupt country in the world.

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