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Association of Afghan Bloggers forming

128 bloggers unite to open office to support free speech

Sunday 9 March 2008, by Robert Maier

The Association of Afghan Blog Writers, Afghan Penlog, was established in April, 2006. It now has more than 128 members whose aim is to promote blogging, writing, and freedom of speech in Afghanistan. The association does not have an office yet in Kabul, but are in a fund-raising stage to purchase computer servers, an electricity generator, Internet connection services and other office supplies.

They have several projects planned to promote blog writing in Afghanistan, including how-to workshops for university students.

For more information, visit http://afghanpenlog-en.blogspot.com/. It is easy to make a small contribution on their website. We see this as a critical element in developing free speech in Afghanistan, and enabling Afghan writers and journalists to get important news around their country, and to people across the globe.

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