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Tuesday 8 April 2014

Kabul Press is a media organization with a mission. As such, it will support and promote individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions that align with its mission. Its primary goal is not just reporting current events, but providing a deeper focus on areas not usually covered such as:

• Human rights violations

• Women’s rights and their importance in social and political development

• Social development processes and their important connection with national and international peace and security issues

• Democracy and its various components as well as its unique importance in a vulnerable and underdeveloped country

• Reflecting the real problems of Afghanistan and its progress in meeting its security, stability and development challenges

• Internal and external conflicts that are the source of long-term instability and insecurity

• Peace and conflict frameworks which can increase the potential for coexistence among different political and cultural groups

• Exposing corruption and mismanagement by institutions and individuals charged with protecting the public and improving standards of living in Afghanistan

Kabulpress.org was founded in 2004 by Kamran Mir Hazar in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kabul Press is a well-known resource for Afghanistan news and is referred to by many publications journals, and organizations such as The Guardian Newspaper (England), The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, Reporters Without Borders, and Human Rights Watch. Its content is syndicated world-wide by Gale Media Distribution, al-Bawaba, and Contify. Additional syndication agreements are in progress.

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Kabul Press features more than 90% original content. Its database of more than 5,000 articles is available for free, on-line. Previously posted content is available through the website and is not deleted. Therefore, readers can access past articles, which increases readership for the entire site.

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“Kabulpress is a unique forum allowing a variety of Afghans and other participants to critically write and debate issues affecting the country and region. Articles and writers evoke nuanced discussions on vital human rights, political, social, religious, and economic topics. We support the difficult work of Kabulpress as a way to expand debate, defend freedom of speech and thought, and cultivate critical thinking on all things related to Afghanistan.”

— Rory Stewart,

Director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy

Forum posts

  • I wrote this article, Why America Must Stay the Course in Afghanistan, in October of 2009. All Afghans and all Americans must work to find a cost effective solution to the complex problems that we boh face in Afghanistan. If the ISAF leaves Afghanistan without leaving a stable secure government in place, we will have repeated the mistakes of the early 1990s and eventually pay a price for our continuing miscalulations in South Asia.
    Why America Must Stay the Course in Afghanistan

    Think Higher Feel Deeper

    Nobel Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel recently made a compelling presentation at the Chautauqua Institution in Western New York, just south of Buffalo. During his day long presentation series Professor Wiesel spoke about morality and how it relates to personal experience, respect for the other, individual responsibility, the dilemma of indifference, all as ethical tests confronting the world and in particular challenging today’s youth. Asked to sum up his day long visit and offer a synopsis of his presentation to the hundreds of students and youth in attendance Dr. Wiesel said, “Whatever you do in life, think higher and feel deeper.”


    As a point of prior disclosure and in explanation for the passion and conviction that I bring to this topic; I lived in Afghanistan from 1972 to 1975. Most of my time in country was spent in Samangan Province where I served as Science Adviser for the provincial school system courtesy of the US Peace Corps. I am a current officer of the Friends of Afghanistan the official National Peace Corps Association affiliate organization for Peace Corps Volunteers who served in this South Central Asian nation from the 1960s up to a few months prior to the Soviet invasion on Christmas Eve 1979. I also advise a coalition of student organizations which continue to support gender equity educational projects in Kabul and in the outlying provinces.

    The Third Goal

    The Third Goal of Peace Corps obligates volunteers, upon returning to the United States, to help Americans understand the people and cultures of our host countries. I am offering this timely reflection on the culture and people of my host nation Afghanistan, to fulfill my Third Goal obligations and give my fellow Americans a sense of the humanity and sacrifice that the Afghan people have made for more than a generation as they strive to retain their cultural uniqueness while struggling to integrate into the modern world. For me, both as an individual and as a representative of the Peace Corps Volunteers who served there, Dr Wiesel’s statement resonated with the sounds, sights and experiences of our collective time spent living and working with the long suffering, poorly understood and paradoxically almost forgotten people of this ancient land; and it offered me a challenge to “think higher and feel deeper.” about my Peace Corps host country as a moral imperative during this time of high profile and great nationwide need.

    Hidden in Paradox

    From my personal perspective, his most poignant and challenging comment carried through time and space from Europe in the nineteen thirties and forties to an audience in Chautauqua, NY in 2009 was, “All war is immoral; but intervention can be a moral obligation.” As has so often been the case with formative issues throughout history, the highest truths are frequently hidden within a paradox. In the spirit of paradox the request that I make to my fellow Americans is that we consider Afghanistan with the deep mind and understand that there are always consequences both for actions that we take and for issues that we fail to address. Cause and effect consequences for acts of commission are generally obvious, objective and measurable. What is not always clear is that there are also consequences of omission. My contention is that in the present day we are experiencing the ripple effect for acts of policy omission that our government failed to make in Afghanistan after the fall of the Soviet Union. For Americans the central debate on Afghanistan should focus on whether our intervention there is a moral necessity and what the consequences of omission would be if we were to depart imprudently.

    Ironic Testimonial

    I am no fan of the prior US administration’s under resourced, undermanned, mismanaged, poorly prosecuted no bid, cost plus, for profit Western engagement in Afghanistan. In fact, one could argue, from the start, that the invasion of Afghanistan was not regarded as the top priority for American foreign policy even in the immediate aftermath of the attacks on the World trade Center and the Pentagon. Afghanistan may have simply served as a convenient segue for the ideologically driven Neo-Conservative rush to judgment that brought us into Iraq with what is generally regarded in hind sight as too few troops, poor intelligence regarding the nature of the Iraqi resistance and with no viable exit strategy available in the immediate aftermath of the invasion.

    Having returned to Afghanistan in 2003 and in 2006 to implement and explore opportunities for student sponsored humanitarian aid and school construction projects, I can report, in hopefully balanced fairness that on a number of levels progress has been made. Infrastructure repair has been addressed and the construction of both private and public projects has gone forward especially in Kabul where most charitable organizations are headquartered. I am also pleased to report that the most conspicuous progress has been made in education where, through International aid groups, student to student support through NGOs and a tenacious commitment from local Afghan communities, boys and girls have returned to school in unprecedented numbers and in many areas this is in defiance of Taliban edicts.

    Despite these documentable steps forward there has been and continues to be a growing sense of frustration among most Afghan citizens. Disillusionment with the pervasive corruption in the middle of an undesirable occupation by foreign armies reinforces the Afghan peoples’ long held cultural suspicion of Western policies, ideologies and ambitions. The public cynicism of the deteriorating security situation throughout Afghanistan, fueled by the rising Taliban insurgency, frustration and disappointment with the US Military, the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghan Government’s inability to create real security, end corruption and help promote the general welfare for the average citizen, is especially aggravated by the failure of the massive amount of Western investment to trickle down through the glass ceiling of widespread fraud to reach the people in any substantive way. These concerns perceived collectively have fostered an opportunity for other ideologies like the Taliban, the Mujahedin and Warlord groups, to appear to be reasonable alternatives to the current state of affairs even if their periods of authority are still remembered in the context of extremism, violence and oppression.

    Serious Work

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney has accused the Obama administration of dilatory behavior regarding its Afghanistan policy that he characterized as dithering, even as the President is currently reviewing suggestions from his military advisers and assessing the reliability of our Afghan governmental partners after their recent fraud plagued election. Cheney has been joined in his disapproval by a tenuous alliance with critics of the administration on the left who are also calling for a hasty judgment on Afghanistan. Since the Obama Administration is developing policy changes that will ultimately result in the successful conclusion of our active military commitment in South Asia, every truly patriotic American citizen dedicated to a positive outcome for our mission in Afghanistan should be supportive of the current Administration’s thoughtful and reflective deliberation on this exceptionally serious undertaking. Unlike the Cheney promoted rush to judgment that, without a well thought out exit strategy, hurried us into both of the conflicts that President Obama’s team is currently working to resolve, America may now have a real opportunity to form a well planned strategy for disengagement that leaves behind stable and viable states after years and decades of war.

    Caution Advised

    Critics should use caution to ensure that publicly stated disapproval of the efforts of the democratically elected representatives of the American people does no harm to our national interests as our legitimately selected officials face the difficult undertaking of resolving issues of war and peace. Careless political posturing in the guise of free speech is at best in poor taste and at worst can embolden our foes during a time of international hostilities. If Mr. Cheney were to carefully review the content of his own presentations while in office he would find that this is a very reasonable request.

    Talibs & Vacuums

    Most Americans don’t realize that the Taliban movement was constructed during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan by the ISI, the Pakistani Secret Police, through funding support by Saudi Arabia and our own CIA. The Taliban was designed, developed and trained in Pakistani camps and Madrasas to be an opposition force to counter the Soviet presence in Afghanistan. Today, it would quickly, and some say quite easily, move into the power vacuum that would be created if America and the West precipitously abandoned Afghanistan like it did in the late nineteen eighties.

    Regrettably, after the defeat of the Russian Army, policy advisers in Washington decided that the cost benefit analysis for continuing to support Afghanistan would not yield an appropriate return for the investment of American and Western effort. Our political leaders following advice from economic, political, military and other international and regional experts decided that the risk-reward ratio needed to protect the people of Afghanistan did not judiciously warrant the continued allocation of assets from the contributing coalition of stake holders: the United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia directly and other Western nations indirectly. The die of departure had been cast; and the stage was now set for the next phase in the history of South Central Asia and the world.

    Price of Abandonment

    We ultimately abandoned Afghanistan, dramatically reducing the massive foreign aid that was being sent to the “Freedom Fighter” groups through Pakistan during virtually the entire nineteen eighties. These flawed decisions of disengagement were made in the heady days following our Cold War victory over Soviet Communism which promised a halcyon period of peace and prosperity for the West. Success in our Cold War effort, which was ironically obtained through the catalytic sacrifice of the Afghan people, clearly shows that great powers can be formative agents of international change but even from a position of immense influence expected outcomes, can never be determined with complete assurance.

    As a result, we have been drawn through recent history in a series of cause and effect events, via the ensuing fall of the Soviet Empire, the rise of international terrorist organizations like Al’ Qaida by way of September 11, 2001, directly to decisions that we are destined to make today in our time. An unchecked and empowered Taliban presence in the region, acting as an independent force, separated from the control of its ISI creators, may well result in a nightmare scenario for the US and South Central Asia, to which we are now inextricably linked.

    What to Expect

    The following is what one could realistically predict to see happen in Afghanistan and in the region if American and Western troops were precipitously withdrawn without a well planned exit strategy:
    • Governmental violence toward women would increase. Afghan Women would, once again, suffer gender discrimination on a scale that we can hardly grasp in the West. Educational and occupational opportunities for women would be severely restricted. And something as simple as walking unescorted in public would result in public beatings by the "Morality Police."
    • The Hazara minority, both women and men, would suffer ethnic cleansing and renewed pogroms in the Hazarajat highlands of central Afghanistan their ancestral homelands. The size and scope of previous pogroms against the Hazara people fit the description of genocide.
    • Shiites, Sufis and other minorities would suffer discrimination, oppression and even be subject to a Fatwa of death because their beliefs could be considered heretical by the Taliban courts.
    • Centuries old treasures would be destroyed as anti-Islamic idols as was done with cultural relics in the Kabul Museum and with the Giant Buddhas of Bamyian Province.
    • Afghanistan would again be plunged into Civil War with the threat of regional spillover into Pakistan and other South Asian nations most notably the Uzbek, Tajik and Turkoman nations of the former Soviet Union at greatest risk.
    • A legitimate threat from Taliban paramilitary forces in Afghanistan aided by the remnant of the Al’ Qaida network, would threaten the Pakistani Government and the security of its nuclear arsenal, resulting in the very real threat of a non-national terrorist group acquiring nuclear weapons.
    The list above is what one could reasonably predict under Taliban rule. It is a simple restatement of what the Taliban did while in power coupled with an assessment of their current aspirations in Pakistan. One could judiciously predict that the best indicator of Taliban intention in a new position of power would be their past behavior while they were in control of the Afghan Government. While I fully support the controlled and orderly withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq that is currently underway, and in due course, the development of a reasonable exit strategy for Afghanistan, linking both policies in exit would be as foolish as joining them was at the start. I want to reemphasize that it was a rush to judgment that fostered the current, less than optimal conditions, in both Theaters of War and caution should be the standard that we employ for any strategic disengagement.

    Ethical Debt

    The problems in Afghanistan are much more layered, nuanced and complex. But finding a solution to these problems is essential if we are serious about establishing an enduring era of peace and stability in South Asia with whatever global implication that implies. Solving these problems will require a new, bold and perhaps unconventional pledge by the West. We may have to commit to a generation of cost effective nation building to stabilize this region and ultimately address American interests by helping to build a safe and secure Afghanistan that in its stability poses no threat to its citizens, its neighbors or the world.

    Americans may have forgotten that the people of Afghanistan fought the hot point for our Cold War victory over the Soviet Union. We should all soberly bear in mind that Afghan citizens accepted casualties in massive numbers in pursuit of this goal and when on February 15, 1989 Boris Gromov, the final departing Soviet officer walked across the Pul e Ayraton Bridge in Northern Afghanistan, the consequences of the final chapter of the Great Game, played out in the twentieth century, were ready to be fulfilled and the geopolitical dynamics had been set in place that would ultimately free the Captive Nations of Eastern Europe, bring down the Berlin Wall and as a result of the blood sacrifice of the people of Afghanistan, win the Cold War for America. Twelve years and one day after the invasion of Afghanistan the Soviet Union dissolved.

    America owes the Afghan people a moral debt. Open for discussion and deliberation is how one accurately assesses the worth of this kind of ethical obligation. What can be said, with the certainty of historical hindsight, is that abandoning the people of Afghanistan to a hypocritical, harsh, repressive and extremist Taliban theocratic-political agenda that justifies its hatred and violent behavior toward women and minorities as well as toward Americans, behind a thin veneer of literalist religious rhetoric, improper interpretation of scripture and faux public piety, will never serve the interests of Afghanistan. Nor, if history offers any kind of instruction, would a Taliban victory in Afghanistan be in the best interests of the United States of America.

    Anthony Agnello
    President, Friends of Afghanistan
    Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

    • (Reply to "Why America Must Stay the Course in Afghanistan" by Anthony Agnello)
      Very well written article - but contents a mixture of romantic nonsense and the usual staggering arrogance that the Judeo-Christian West must, or has any right to, show -or in these cases force- the rest of the world how to live.
      The driving force behind these illegal and barbaric adventures is the long slow march of International Zionism towards world domination.
      America has long ago allowed itself to be reduced to no more than a front company for International Zionism, with no will of its own - it seems to exist only to please its evil Zionist masters. Laugh if you must - but prove me wrong!
      And do not blame any Muslim for 11 Sept 2001 before you have adequately explained at least how the 3 (yes THREE) towers collapsed - the official version is surely the wildest conspiracy theory of them all!
      All 3 collapsed at virtual free fall speed and more or less within their own footprints. The ONLY explanation consistent with the laws of physics as they manifest themselves on this planet is this: masterfully executed controlled demolitions, using masses of carefully preplaced sophisticated explosives. Once we accept this, as we must if we are interested in reality, the official version collapses too. Ask any demolition expert what happened that day!
      Then ask who did it!
      It has been "unofficial official" Zionist policy since the early 1980s that Iraq must be invaded (which it was) and if possible broken into 3 (work in progress), that Egypt must be neutralised (which it was), that overall Pakistan is a greater threat to Israel than all the Arab states combined (pronounced by David Ben-Gurion in the late 1960s), etc etc etc - you get my drift, as they say? What America must do if it wants to survive is to not only distance itself from Israel but resolutely cut-sever-terminate ALL relations with that roguest of all rogue states, the ultimate parasite and belligerent little whore, ALWAYS making others fight and die and pay for their dirty work.
      And remember this: any Muslim violence against Western targets is only "Your goods returned to you".
      I invite you to read some of my many poems about these matters on www.poems.ibraheem.dk - the user friendly Index will guide you, currently 130 poems totalling 18,400 lines.
      Also sample my new book "ENOUGH! Islamophobia" on www.books.ibraheem.dk
      Peace WITH JUSTICE to the world.
      Free Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir!
      And all international state terrorists OUT of Afghanistan, Iraq and all the other places.
      IBRAHEEM (Denmark)

  • Religion and Capitalism are the two things that are destroying the Middle East.

    Religion is used as an authority to control and kill others.

    Capitalism creates poverty which leads to crime and stalls scientific progress.

    The truth is that religious people like the Taliban do not own other human beings and therefore can not impose their control or judgement over the bodies of other people. At one time the Catholic Pope did impose control and judgement over people until independant rulers using the court system took away their control. The Catholic church was well known for burning people alive if they were accused of being heretics. All the crimes and poverty you see in the west is because of Capitalism. Do you really think anyone with money would risk going to jail for stealing an apple in the store? In Capitalism, rich people can not exist without the poor because if everyone was rich then who will work as labor for industrial companies? Who will clean the streets and wash the windows in an industrial society? At one time Capitalism did function in a primitive society whose population was low, but it does not function in a modern overpopulated society. In the past, if a farmer had had two hundred more sheep than what he needed he would trade the sheep for clothing and shoes which were made by trades people. Trades people were children of other farmers that enjoyed making shoes to trade for animals or other goods. Some trades people made candles, glass cups, medal works, carriages, tools, clay pots and jewelry. All these trades people owned farms and belonged to wealthy families. The reason everyone owned a farm was because the population was small. When the population becomes large, Capitalism does not function anymore and causes poverty, labor slavery, lack of housing, and crime. If you look at the old Russian/Afgan war and you use logic to analyses the situation, you will discover that the Russians were friends of Afghanistan and the freedom fighters were the enemies of Afghanistan. The Russians were trying to create a system of equality to get rid of poverty and the freedom fighters were religious controller who inspired the Afghan population into a mindless hysteria to fight the Russians and then became the insane religious police officers who tortured and abused the poor people of Afghanistan who committed crimes out of desperation for food and goods. They also convicted people of having sexual desires which is a genetic mechanism which produces life. If the Taliban were to convict their goats and camels of having sexual desire then they won’t have large numbers of animals that produce large amounts of milk and meat and they will justly starve to death. If I were to hold the Taliban to their religious convictions then I would demand they marry their rams and sheep and the best breeding ram would not be allowed to have any other sheep to produce the quality the farmer is looking for. The western countries who helped the freedom fighters fight the Russians were capitalist who are now going to become the industrial masters of Afghanistan just like they are the industrial masters of Saudi Arabia. An industrial master is a manufacture of raw materials. Oil and minerals are raw materials which are converted into products. The taliban blew up the trade buildings in the west because they did not want industrial masters taking Saudi Arabia’s oil, but that is madness because Saudi Oil does not belong to Afghanistan, terrorist, or the Taliban. Staking claim over Saudi oil is the same thing as a rapist staking claim over someone else’s wife, maybe the Taliban were like thiefs and rapist disguising themselves as religious holly people when they defended oil which does not belong to them.

    In the future, the west will get rid of religion and capitalism to create immerging empires which will destroy and conquer the Middle East. Why is this important for Middle Eastern people to know? Because their grandchildren will be removed of existence. Even if the lands of the Middle East are depleted of mineral, oil and a human population, the future is a different place from the past, in the future land will be more valuable than resources because living area will be a valuable resource and without a healthy population in the Middle East, all that empty land will be available ,for free, to the strongest nation. Knowing this, you should be aware that the Middle East is a dying land whose people will not own the future. Religion and Capitalism in the Middle East will keep middle eastern countries subdued using fear and poverty. Terrorist that commit violence against their own people and who commit violence against western countries which brings foreign troops into their countries to take control over mineral and oil rights will further erode any possibility that the Middle East will escape death and destruction in the future. The west benefits from terrorist who attack and destroy people and property in the Middle East and who attack the west because it gives the west authority to invade Middle Eastern countries and it keeps Middle Eastern countries at a disadvantage which prevents them from competing in a market economy. Without terrorist the west would have no access to resources in the Middle East. The Taliban and terrorist are not Noble people because Noble people would leave Afghanistan and find isolated pockets to live in and to establish their own society but the facts show that any people living in small pockets of Taliban controlled areas outside of Afghanistan would flee the religious oppression of the Taliban and then Taliban fighters would have no wives because there would be no girls because there is no population and the Taliban would be forced to invade Afghanistan again so they can rape and steal women that don’t belong to them. They would also loot and steal money from Afghanistan because they would be poor. The only way the Taliban can attract a population is by using capitalism and selling heroine. The world population addicted to drugs would be the only method for the Taliban to sustain itself and since opium in Afghanistan is illegal to grow and poverty would be high in Afghanistan then like a magnet the taliban would be able to regain its forces and attract girls and workers into their isolated territories. Illegal drugs would be the only method for the Taliban to gain power again. Drugs are illegal around the world which gives the Taliban an exclusive market that is lucrative. The Taliban would them become religious hypocrites because they say alcohol is immoral but they sell drugs which is worse than drinking or selling alcohol. Only fools would accept the Talibans two faced hypocrisy. Setting aside the religious hypocrisy and lies of the Taliban, the financial empire that the Taliban produces is only temporary and is not sufficient to save Afghanistan in the future. I will tell you what can save Afghanistan in the future and what can save the Middle East in the future. Getting rid of religion and capitalism and replacing religion with scientific logic and replacing capitalism with a scientific social system. The reason for this is because science has the ability to see the difference between mistake and natural laws of function. Why do you think the west has so much power? Because of science, the same science which the catholic church used to oppose and ridicule but now it uses. There is no power in religion or capitalism, there is only power in facts and truth. The way a scientific social system works is with the premise of science which says that any error that is found is fixed. As science chips away at all of the errors in society it leaves a pure and perfect social system which is what is used on other world by other living intelligent life forms. How do you know there is life on other plants? Because of the vast number of stars, the mathematic estimation says that there is a 99.9 percent chance of life existing on other planets and we are evidence of that truth because we are part of the 99.9 percent evidence since we inhabit this universe along with all the other stars and planets.

  • This is an emergency! I have an idea on how to preserve the dignity of Islamic laws and the dignity of Islamic men and women.

    Make a law in your country that says that any woman that is not a virgin can not get married. Any woman that is divorced can not get married. Any woman that is over the age of 25 can not get married. Then make a law that says that any women that are not virgins, including divorced women, have to be placed on a registered offenders list for men to view so they don’t get defrauded in marriage. The woman’s picture, name and address should be placed on the registered offenders list. Then make another law that says that any unmarried woman needs to report to the police station in your country so they can be given a referral to a free visit to a female gynecologist so she could be evaluated to see if she is still a virgin. If it is discovered that she is not a virgin then the female gynecologist will call the police station and tell them that she is not a virgin and the patient will have to report to the police station to have her picture taken and be placed on the registered offenders list. If it is discovered that she is a virgin, she will have to report to the female gynecologist every six months to be evaluated up until she gets married and she does not have to report to the female gynecologist anymore. The gynecologist exam will not be offensive and strict rules must be followed. The woman must lay down on the exam table and part her own genitals open and the female gynecologist, without touching her, will put a light on the genitals to see if she has her hymen. If her hymen is gone then she will be reported to the police. By law, the police will not report the woman’s condition to her parents and it is illegal for her parents to ask the police about her conditions of being a virgin or not. The police will wait for a month before putting her picture on the registered offenders list and the woman will be advised not to get married within that month or she will be arrested and be placed in prison for marriage fraud. The registered offenders list will be put on the Internet so men can look up their potential brides to see if the brides are trying to defraud them. This will create order in Middle Eastern society and will end the abuse that women have been perpetrating on men. The women will come to no harm and it is illegal for anyone to harm the women because they are not virgins. This actually protects women because if a woman gets married and her husband finds out she is not a virgin he might try to beat her. If the man knows before hand that she is not a virgin then he will not marry her and she will come to no harm because she has not committed the crime of fraud.

    In the west, many people will get angry with the letter that I send you. Feminist in the west will hate me and western men will despise me, but at the same time men in the west are put on registered offenders list that are on the Internet for others to view. I will not argue against the west for putting men on registered offenders list and I will agree with the west on their issue, but at the same time the west has to agree with me on this letter because like men in western countries which are criminals, we have here another type of criminal and it’s women that defraud Arab men by lying about their virginity. In the west, the law says that a woman that is lied too can claim fraud if she entered a marriage expecting to be paid money to get married and she is not given the money, and so what is wrong with exposing women that are criminals who defraud men who enter a marriage believing she is a virgin and she is not?

  • I’m one of the members of The Forgotten Writers Foundation (non-profit) whose mission is to voice "South"/"Colored"/"Third World" literature as well as other literature to be heard all over the world. We do this by releasing international story competitions on issues that matter to both global readers and writers. We seek to inspire our contemporary troubled world by uniting people from different cultures through art. And I have a proposal for an article to write about our new global project that I hope would interest you.
    Currently we are issuing our 2nd short-story competition about "Women’s Domination" where the guidelines are simply writing a 500 to 3000 word story starting by a woman dominating a man, the kind of domination, positive or negative, political, social, financial, emotional, or sexual and the future of it are up to the writers because this will help us when we write the literary analysis on how different people measure power towards the other sex, and if they view it as a threat or protection.
    Here are the guidelines and official link for the competition / Deadline has been extended to end of 2012 to have all countries participate: http://mahmoudmansicriticreviews.blogspot.com/2012/01/international-womens-day-short-story.html
    In Egypt, as well as Afghanistan, the topic is particularly important because the relationship between a man and a woman has become a craze with the rise of religiousness. When the issue is regarded in a conservative society, certain sensitivities appear but when it is regarded in a religious conservative society, it is even more sensitive.

  • انجمن آزاد ژورنالیستان ولایت بغلان یا دفتر سیار خبرنگاران در ولایت بغلان
    بانکه وزارت اطلاعات و فرهنگ همیشه با شعار دادن مدافع حقوق خبرنگاران مشت همبسته گی رسانه ها را به سینه میکوبد متاسفانه بیخبر از کار های خبرنگاران درولایات میباشد .
    متاسفانه هستند اشخاص وافرادیکه از نام انجمن و یا اتحادیه خبرنگاران سوی استفاده کرده و رقیب های کاری خویش را به اشکال گوناگون بدنام میسازد ولی در این راستا هیچ دفتر مدافع حقوق خبرنگاران جهت ارزیابی و کشف حقایق درست در این راستا گام های بارزی از خود نبر داشته است .
    بطور مثال انجمن آزاد ژورنالیستتان ولایت بغلان با ارسال مکتوب به دفتر یکه من جاوید کارگر به حیث کمره مین آن ایفای وظیفه می کردم مکتوب را ارسال نموده و خواهان برکناری بنده از آن دفتر( پرودکشن ویا آژانس ) گردیده است و یک قطعه عکس که نشاندهنده یک ژورنالیست نه بلکه یک تفنگ سالار میباشد و این عکس و العملی انجمن آزاد ژورنالیستتان ولایت بغلان را میتوانید در تصویر تماشا کنیدو به این ترتیب مرا به نزد دفتر کارم بدنام ساخته اند . و همین مکتوب را به ریاست خارنوالی ولایت بغلان و چندین دفاتر خبری دیگری که هیچ روابط با آنها ندا شته ام ارسال نموده است و نیز ذکر گردیده است که گویا من با ارسال پیامهای توهین آمیز برای دو نفر از خبرنگاران که عضو یک خانواده میباشند . در این ولایت بغلان متهم گردیده ام بدون آنکه شماره ای موبایل از من باشد و یا هم ایمیل آدرس ولی حارنوال تحقیق هم بنده را بدون درنظرگرفتن شخصیت و وظیفه برخلاف ماده دهم و بند دوم ماده 23 قانون اجراعات جزای موقت به مدت 3.5 سه و نیم ماه در توقیف قرار داد اما متاسفانه در این راه نه کدام دفتر مدافع حقوق خبرنگاران وجود داشت و نه هم وزارت اطلاعات و فرهنگ تا در این رابطه از خود عکس العملی شان داده باشد ولی نهایتا جای شرم است به دست اندر کاران مطبوعات که همیشه داد و فریاد از همبسته گی ژورنالیستتان میزند ولی در این راه هیچ اقدامی نکرده است و تحقیق خویش را انجام نداده است که چرا یک ژورنالیست که رقیب های کاری -اش به این اندازه بدنام میسازد آیا در این کشور پرسان وجود دارد ؟؟؟
    و آیا تا هنوز کسی پرسیده است که از سه سال بدینسو انجمن آراد ژورنالسیتان ولایت بغلان چرا یک آدرس مشخصی ندارد ( دفتر ) و چرا کتاب وارده و صادره با استمپ یا مهر آن در موتر داکتر خلیل نرمگوی است .
    باوجود اینکه بارها به شبکه های تلویزیون های ( طلوع نیوز) ( طلوع تی وی ) ( تلویزیون آریانا) . و تلویزیون 1 آژانس خبری پژواک و تعداد روزنامه های دیگر این کشور به تماس شده ام و مشکلاتم را با ایشان از داخل محبس با اینها در میان گزاشته ام ولی هیچ گزارشی در این باره بنشر نرسانده اند و میگفتندکه این موضوع عقده های شخصی است و اگر عقده های شخصی باشد پس دفاتر مدافع حقوق خبرنگاران باید خاموش باشند ؟؟؟؟؟
    یک خبرنگار را به اشکال گوناگون بدنام ساختن کار انجمن ژورنالیستان است ولی دفاع ازیک ژورنالیست کاری کیست ؟؟؟
    و همه این کار را میتوانیم بگویم که آیا بنابر روابط و شناخت صورت گرفته است چرا که یکی از این اشخاص که طرف مقابل من قرار دارد خبرنگار آژانس پژواک میباشد و ممکن به همین دلیل آژانس پژواک از این شخص دفاع میکند ؟؟ و معلوم گردیده است که آژانس پژواک نیز برخلاف شعارش که میگوید ( هدف ما پخش و نشر گزارشات بی طرفانه است ) همین است بیطرفی؟
    ولی یک ژورنالیست دیگری که بنزد همسایه گانش متهم به توهین بر مقدسات اسلامی گردیده است و با دشنام دادن به قرانکریم که کتاب آسمانی مان است و ما به آن ایمان داریم و دشنام دادن به شام پیامبر بزرگوار اسلام حضرت محمد ( ص) متهم گردیده است ولی فعلآ در یکی از تلویزیون های خصوصی در کابل عملآ وظیفه اجرا میکند و این انجمن آزادژورنالیستان ولایت بغلان از خود هیچ عکس العملی نشان نداده است تا این مطلب را از نظر وظایف اسلامی تقبیع و یا محکوم نماید
    بنآ دعا میکنم که خداوند هیچ افغانی را ژورنالیست نسازد چراکه هم مخالفین این مردم را میکشد و هم ...........
    به دلیل اینکه یک ژورنالیست نه شب خواب دارد و نه هم روز بخاطر برملا سازی حقیقت ولی فایده اش اینست سرگذشت من که امروز بخاطر اینکه معاش بیشتر داشتم در زندان سه و نیم ماه را تحت توقیف قرادگرفته ولی نیست یک مدافع حقوق ژورنالیستانیکه این موضوع را به برسی گرفته و پی گیری نماید .
    بنآ دعا کنید که خداوند دشمن شما را ژورنالیست نسازد.
    با احترام
    جاوید کارگر
    ژورنالیست که به ضمانت از زندان رها گردیده است
    دوستان عزیز در صورت خواهشی به شماره و یا هم ایمیل بنده در تماش شوید
    cell mobile:
    (0093)786422662 ...0798854275
    cell mobile:
    (0093)786422662 ...0798854275

  • یک خبر تازه از وزارت خارجه
    جاوید لودین معین سیاسی وزارت امور خارجه می گوید از وظیفه اش کناره میگیرد. لودین ترک وظیفه کنونی را آرزو همیشگی میخواند و کرزی با آن موافقت کرد.چندی پیش شماری از رسانه‌های افغانستان از جنگ و درگیری لفظی میان جاوید لودین و کریم خرم رئیس دفتر حامدکرزی خبر داده بود. لودین می گوید ان واقعه به ترک وظیفه او مربوط نیست و بدلیل مریضی و مشکلات فامیلی تصمیم دارد که کارش را ختم کند. بر اساس معلومات تعدادی از کارمندان وزارت خارجه افغانستان، سید طیب جواد سفیر سابق افغانستان در امریکا، حکمت کرزی پسر کاکای کرزی و رئیس مرکز مطالعات جنگ و صلح، اشرف حیدری شارژ افیر سفارت افغانستان در هند، داوود مرادیان مشاور سابق وزارت خارجه،وحید عمر سخنگوی اسبق ریاست جمهوری و داوودیار رئیس روابط اقتصادی میباشد.کریم خرم رئیس دفتر حامد کرزی با سید طیب جواد مخالفت کرد و یک تن از شناخته خود را نیز به لیست اضافه کرده است.

  • sallam, I am sending you one of my recent Hamid Karzai Cartoon - inspired by recent supreme court bombing. Please post. thanks.

  • قضاوت از ملت است نه از حکومت
    نماینده ګان منتخب مردم کابل و اعضای کمیــــسون مواصلات و مخابرات مجلس نماینده کابل و تعداد از وکلای شورای ولایتـــــــــی ولایت کابل تظاهرات را جهت پرده برداری از فشار شاروالی کابل به تاریخ
    14-02-1393 در اطراف شاروالی کابل براه انداخته از خانواده رسانه های همګانــــی خواهشمندیم تا با اعالیت و حبیبه ملی شان این مسله رابه سمع مردم افغانستان و جهان رسانیده و از باشنده ګان شهر کابل تقاضا مینمایم که این بار برای رسیدن به حق استقرار و عدالت نماینده ګان منتخب شانرا ممنونی نمایند
    وعده ما! ساعت ۸ صبح فردا
    ادرس اطراف شاروالی کابل

  • وزارت امورزنان کودک نوپا چندی قبل مطلبی را زیر نام (اعلامیه مطبوعاتی در رابطه با لزوم حفظ كرامت انساني زنان در نشر و پخش گزارشات و اخبار مربوطه ) را به نشر رسانید این کودک نوپا از طریق این اعلامیه به گونه مستقیم رسانه ها را نصیحت نموده است که رسانه ها چگونه باید نشرات داشته باشند ، چگونه باید عفت کلام را در نظر بگیرند، چگونه باید اخبار مربوط خانمها را نشر نمایند. تجربه که من دارم سالاها از این وزارت خبری نبود اما حال کار به جای رسیده که این کودک رسانه ها را نصیحت میکند نشود که کودک خواب بزرگی اش را دیده است و دارد وعظ میکند. ضرب المثل معروف است که کور خود بینایی مردم. بعد از اینکه اعلامیه را بدست آوردم سری به وبسایت این وزارت زدم جز چند چرند ساخته و بافته خودشان چیز دیگری را نیافتم خوب خواهد که وزارت محترم به خود رسیده گی نماید رسانه ها میدانند که چگونه کار نمایند. در پایین اعلامیه مطبوعاتی وزارت.

    اعلامیه مطبوعاتی در رابطه با لزوم حفظ كرامت انساني زنان در نشر و پخش گزارشات و اخبار مربوطه
    بسم‌الله الرحمن الرحیم
    اعلامیه مطبوعاتی
    در رابطه با لزوم حفظ كرامت انساني زنان در نشر و پخش گزارشات و اخبار مربوطه
    مقوله « امنيت اجتماعي» و دستيابي به آن از مهمترين نيازهاي هر جامعه، كشور، خانواده و يا حتي افراد محسوب مي گردد كه طبيعتا مسئوليت و تامين آن علاوه از وظيفه حكومت ها، ساير اركان سازنده يك اجتماع انساني را نيز دربر خواهد گرفت.
    از سوي ديگر، در جهان امروز، رسانه ها بعنوان منبع عمده آفرينش و پويايي فرهنگ جوامع بشري به شمار مي روند كه از عمده ترين كاركردهاي مثبت آنها، تكوين جامعه بسوي تعالي و نيز ترويج و گسترش امنيت اجتماعي است.
    لذا رسالت خطير و سنگين رسانه هاي همگاني در اين راه و نقش امنيت ساز آنها بركسي پوشيده نيست. هرچند بايد بخاطر داشت همانگونه كه رسانه ها مي توانند نقش مثبتي را در تامين امنيت اجتماعي جامعه دارا باشند، كاركرد و نقش آفريني منفي آنان نيز باعث تخريب و از بين رفتن امنيت اجتماعي جامعه مي گردد.
    بر كسي پوشيده نيست كه يكي از محورهاي اساسي تامين امنيت در سطح جامعه، توجه به امنيت رواني زنان آن جامعه است. بخصوص آنجا كه محور خبر يا گزارشات رسانه هاي همگاني، قضايا و يا خشونت هاي صورت گرفته بر زنان باشد.
    كه در اين راستا بايد به نقش چشمگير و مثبت رسانه ها راجع به تامين آگاهي هاي لازمه به ديده قدر و ستايش نگريسته شود. اما همانگونه كه ذكر گرديد، مواردي نيز وجود دارد كه كاركرد و نقش آفريني رسانه ها در جهت منفي و مخالف تامين كرامت انساني زنان بوده كه لزوم توجه به موارد ذيل مي تواند به افزايش سطح امنيت اجتماعي و تبديل شدن نقش منفي به نقش مثبت آنان در قضاياي مربوط به زنان بيانجامد:
    .1ارزشها و سنت هاي اسلامي و ملي بر حفظ كرامت انسانها تاكيدات فراوان داشته و دستورات شرع مقدس اسلام نيز بخصوص در قضاياي مربوط به زنان ضمن توجه جدي به تامين حقوق شرعي و قانوني آنان، بر حفظ كرامت، عزت و عدم افشاي قضايا و هويت زنان استوار مي باشد.
    .2استفاده ابزاري از قضاياي زنان، دختران و اطفال به منظور تامين برنامه هاي داستاني، تراژیدی و يا كميدي در نشرات رسانه ها ، هرچند ممكن است باعث جذب مخاطبان بيشتر براي رسانه ها گردد، مي تواند عواقب بسيار خطرناك و دردناكي را براي فرد مذكور به همراه داشته باشد و چه بسا بي توجه به اين مساله، ممكن تخريب آينده و سرنوشت يك انسان را به همراه داشته باشد.
    .3هرچند رسانه هاي همگاني رسالت خطير آگاهي بخشي جامعه را به عهده دارند، اما نشر ، پخش و رسانه اي ساختن برخي از قضاياي زنان و افشاي هويت متضررين و نمايش قربانيان خشونت از طريق رسانه ها ولو به هر انگيزه اي باشد، خطرات غير قابل پيشگيري را براي آنان به همراه خواهد داشت كه ضرر و زيان آن جبران ناپذير خواهد بود كه اين مساله در ضديت با تامين امنيت اجتماعي در سطح جامعه مي باشد.
    وزارت امور زنان از تمامي رسانه هاي محترم همگاني توقع دارد ضمن رعايت دقيق مفاد فقره هفتم از ماده چهل و پنجم قانون رسانه هاي افغانستان و همچنان توجه به فقره سوم از ماده پنجم قانون منع خشونت عليه زنان كه افشاي هويت و پخش تصاوير قربانيان قضاياي خشونت را جايز ندانسته و آن را جرم پنداشته و براي مرتكبين آن نيز جزا تعيين نموده، در راستاي بهبود وضعيت زنان و دختران و بلند بردن سطح آگاهي عامه راجع به حقوق شرعي و قانوني آنان، برنامه هاي مفيد و موثري را تهيه و به نشر رسانده، بر تامين امنيت اجتماعي زنان تاكيد ورزند.
    ما باور داريم كاوش و بررسي موشگافانه علل و عوامل بروز خشونت ها در سطح جامعه و نه نشر و پخش تصاوير قربانيان خشونت، مي تواند باعث كاهش چشمگير خشونت ها گردد.
    اين وزارت يكبار ديگر از مساعي مشترك و همکاری تمامي رسانه هاي محترم در راستاي نشر مثبت مسائل زنان ابراز امتنان دارد.

    وزارت امور زنان

    دوستان نظر شما را در مورد این اعلامیه میخواهم ایا وزارت امورزنان راست میگوید ؟ آیا رسانه ها واقعا نمیدانند که چگونه نشرات داشته باشند؟ و صدا سوال دیگر

    View online : http://www.kabulpress.org

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