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Kabul Press  9/January/2003











The artist

Put the excitement of the "Samba" in Foot, the romanticism of the Bolero, the "Carioca" Swing with its peculiar movement and the heat of the "Salsa". Now blend the rhythms, the sensations, the feelings of dance which are difficult to explain in words. But, although difficult, this is a recipe of ballroom dancing that carries a new concept and a new style signed by Carlinhos de Jesus. This artist has elaborated special spices for twenty years of dedication to work, to popularize and revolutionize the various dance styles closed-couple dance, open-couple dance or round dancing with choreographies with theme and theatrical appeals that touch the people on Marqus de Sapuca Avenue, the biggest stage of popular manifestation, during Carnival, in Brazil. Carlinhos de Jesus launched Brazil on international dancing events, and then he conquered a spot to diffuse the Brazilian ballroom dancing outside Brazil. Carlinhos de Jesus taught great masters of MPB and artists at his school of dance and, as usual, using his daring to innovate with versatility, he adds much energy and love to his work in order to achieve the point of admiration and professional recognition, which also bring him a personal satisfaction and a full agenda. Carlinhos de Jesus gives speeches, courses, workshops with one or two partners, or with the whole dance company formed by 17 dancers. They dance all dancing styles tango, bolero, swing, "forr" (a northern rhythm of dancing), "Chorinho"(a variation of the samba) and the samba, and for a very green and yellow show, add to this recipe a presentation with "Aquarela do Brasil"(a Brazilian famous song). After, mix a "Mestre-Sala"(a male important character during the carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro) and the "Porta-Bandeira"(a female important character who comes with the "Mestre-Sala") and the result will be a breathless dance show with the purest Brazilian fidelity.
Carlinhos de Jesus, with his gift and art, consolidated the ballroom dancing in Brazil. He is the biggest defender of the "samba", the bolero, the swing and the salsa styles that call upon the name of the Latin culture. From his contribution for the aggrandizement of this art, the ballrooms are recognized as places where people have a good time dancing or they just go there to delight
themselves watching other people dancing.

Carlinhos de Jesus considers the ballroom dancing as a therapy that brings an appreciation of oneself, self-esteem and relaxation. The beautiful aspect inside each person will arouse a process of not only technique, but also charisma and empathy. "The stage is a place where I feel a magic moment, when the soul joins with happiness to transmit everything I'm feeling when I dance to the public.", Carlinhos affirms. The love to dance and the willpower conquered important merits in divulging the art of the ballroom dancing, and here they are:

"Estrela Dalva"(Dalva Star), "Delicadas Torturas"(Delicate Tortures), "Matinee", "Fantoches"(Puppets), "Rio que sempre riu"(Rio that always Laughed), "Nelson Cavaquinho 90 anos"(The 90 years of Nelson Cavaquinho) and others.

"Orqudea Selvagem" (Wild Orchid), "Banana Split", "Lambada o Filme" (Lambada, the movie), "pera do Malandro" (Idler Opera), Moon over Parador, "Corpo em Deleito" (Body in Crime), "Faca de Dois Gumes" (Knife of Two Edges), Cuts in the Meat, "Requebra" (Shake), The Girl from Rio and others.

"Encanto" and "Solar" (Enchantment and Solar of Elba Ramalho), "Viver de Amor Bom" (It's Good to Live of Love of Joo Nogueira), "Prolas" (Pearls) of Beth Carvalho, Beto Barbosa Show "O Bom Malandro" (The Good Idler), "Show Latino-Americano" (The Latin American Show), "Aquarela" (Water Color these three last shows with the Carlinhos de Jesus Dance Company, "70 anos de Mangueira" (70 years of Mangueira, The artist danced with his own music band called "Lua Nova" (New Moon), S Pra Contrariar, Crooner(Milton Nascimento), Tania Alves Show, Workshop in Brazil and abroad.


1990 Divulgation of the "Lambada" dance in Mexico, Lambada and Samba Show in the ITME Fair(Chicago-EUA), Lambada and Samba Show at the Tatoo Nighclub (New York-USA), Elba Ramalho musical excursion in Europe and USA.
1993 Special guest in the I Latin American Music Festival.
1995 Special guest in Elba Ramalho's and Margareth Meneses show at The Super Club Nightclub(Broadway-New York-USA) in Porto Rico and at The ICCA Assembly (Malta Island).
1996 Dancing Show and Integration at the Hannover Industrial Fair (Germany), Dancing Show and Workshop for professional at the VII International Biennial of Dance of Lyon(Frana) and the direction of art for its closing ball.
1997 Dancing Show and Workshop at the Party of The 700 years of the Principality of Monaco.
1998 Dancing Shows in The EXPO98(Lisbon-Portugal).
1999 Dancing Show and Workshop in the First Latin American Dance Festival (Bellaria Igea Marina Italy), Dancing Show in the International Latin American Music and Culture Festival in Delle Campannelle (Rome Italy).
2000 Dancing Show at The Diplomatic Ball Event promoted by the Brazilian Embassy at the Estoril Casino (Portugal).

1985 The Gold Standard as the Best Dancer at Carnival (Rio de Janeiro), Hors Concours award as the best popular dancer of Rio de Janeiro.
1990 The Gold Antenna Award as choreographer and dancer.
1992 The Tiradentes Medal, the biggest decoration of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro.
1995 The Pedro Ernesto Medal with the commander title, the biggest decoration of common council of Rio de Janeiro, The 1995 Carnival Distinction offered by the carnival council of the city of Rio de Janeiro The Carnival Museum.
1996 The Gold Antenna Award as choreographer and dancer, prominence in the year.
1998 The Gold Standard as choreographer for the front commission of the Mangueira Samba School.
1999 The Gold Standard as choreographer for the front commission of the Mangueira Samba School.
2000 The Gold Tambourine Award and FM Mania Radio Station Award as choreographer for the front commission of the Mangueira Samba School.

Carlinhos has been demanding to body preparation to various national and international artists. He was the unique popular dancer who participated in the Rock in Rio, in the Elba Ramalho Show, in 1991.
It has done a homage to him at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, in 1995, with the plot "No reflexo do Espelho, a Arte da Dana" (On the Reflex of the Mirror, the Art of Dancing) by the "Em Cima da Hora" (In time) Samba School.


Carlinhos de Jesus received a "moo" of congratulations for his excellent choreographic and dancer work performed in Brazil and abroad, and also for becoming a great person who propagates the city of Rio de Janeiro, aggrandizing the culture of the country as well as divulging it. The common council gave this award to the artist who was indicated by the councilman Indio da Costa on November 7th, 1997.

  • Special Award-Perseverance of Dancer at Carnival of 1993.

  • Gold Standard
    Best front commission/98

  • Gold Standard
    Best front commission/99

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