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Frog Books launches
two books of fiction

Mumbai: Frog Books, a one-year-old book publishing house based here, has launched two news books: Where Doves Fly, written by Kamlesh Rajesham; and In the Pink of Wealth, by Sumit Ghoshal. Both the books were launched separately at the Press Club, Mumbai.

Where Doves Fly, a childrens book with an anti-war perspective, was launched by distinguished journalist and writer Kumar Ketkar, who edits Loksatta, the largest-selling city-based Marathi daily. London-based writer and poet Sudeep Sen and well-known author and columnist V Gangadhar too spoke on the occasion.

In the Pink of Wealth, a novel about health, hospitals and hassles, was launched by well-known infertility specialist, Dr Aniruddh S Malpani. Dr S V Dagaokar, former vice-president of the Maharashtra Medical Council, and Dr Arshad Ghulam Mohammed, ex-president of the Indian Medical Association, Mumbai, also spoke on the occasion.

Rajesham practised as a lawyer for a couple of years in India before she lived in America and Canada for a decade. She also earned a masters degree in business administration from Pennsylvania, USA. He first book, Straight From the Soul, is a New Age / Metaphysics book. This is her second book and the first one in the childrens book category.

Ghoshal, who has been a reporter with a number of mainstream newspapers in Mumbai, has written extensively on hospitals, medicines and doctors for over 15 years. Talking about his work, Ghoshal said many of the episodes in the novel were drawn from real incidents that happened in different hospitals in the city at different times.


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Sunil K Poolani


RAHA/18/May/ /2004


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