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هشدار به سادات افغانستان: نگذارید رژيم ایران از جامعه سادات برای منافع خرابکارانه خود استفاده کند!

12 آپریل 2012, 07:26

Dear brother first of all Hazara dosen,t have sayed 2nd sayed dosen,t have Shoya and these people call there name sayed they are friday night sayed those ignor and stupeid peopl send there first night of there wife to the big Monafiq call his name Sayed Kayan Ismahilya if he is realy Sayed he never betry to his country i mean his mother and that is they are realy buster i mean Aram zada that they did the same to our lover Imam Hassan and Imam Hossain Shahid and they untill now they every year they beid them self on month of Moharam but Allah never forgive them

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