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ای قلم آخر زبانت می بُرند

23 آپریل 2007, 22:25

Thank you from this logical writing. Mr.Saqib and other traitors should know that pen is more powerful then his Kalashnikov. There is not different between Saqib, Karim Khoram and Hikmat yur. As the face of Mr. Saqib shows that he is against civilization and democracy. He is not looking like human. He is killer and destroyer of all infrastructures of Afghanistan. As he told in his interview, he was responsible for all distractive work during his Jahad with Gulbeden in Jalalabad. I thank Gulbudden is better then Saqib at lest Gulbuden has an aim for future but this traitor Saqib just looking for Dollars. He has a beautiful house in America. So it is the job of all educated person to write about them until the people of Afghanistan and all over the world must know about them. It is the fault of Mr. Karzai giving passes them to do this kind of dirty work.

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