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اسناد جنایت، مزدوری و خاک فروشی امیر عبدالرحمن در آئینه تاریخ

8 دسامبر 2012, 16:52, توسط karbala yee

Dear zal
when you are discusing history , please try not to get too emotional
If i could ask you just a few qustion
where did you get the figure 60% ?????o
we even don,t know what the population of afghanistan is today
how can you cliam that 60% percent of hazara were killed????0
you claim that Abdul rahaman khan killed tajik and uzbik and uzbik; I will ask you how ABdul rahman khan came to become afghan king???o
You accuse me of thinking like taliban and being racist, How did you come to this conclusion????o
I will now try to answer my own qustion, and if you don,t agree with me , you can always write your opinion, but please do it in a respectfull way
Firs- you accused me of being racist and pro taliban , by applying the same principle that you apply to juge Amir abdul rahman khan
and that is presumption,pre jugemint, you already found me guilty without knowing me, just because i have diferent opinion from yours.
you use the same principle to juge amir abdul rahman khan,with out going back to history and analysing it ,you accuse him of killing 60% of hazara
FOR us to understand what he did and why he did it ,we have to travel back to his time and see what was afghanistan at that time? and then juge him by the standard of his time and not the standard of 21 century
A short history lesson only for you
alway happy to help
Amir Abdul rahman khan came to power with the help of Tajik and Uzbik.his army mostly consisted of this two groups
he was the choise of north, he came from the north ,because he was living in exile in Bukhara
the pushtoon and even some hazara choise was AYOB khan, who won a war against the english in MAIWAND
just to cut the long story short and not to make you too tired
in the war that followed between these two , Ayoub khan was defeated and fled to iran and iran expeled him to india and gave him to brithish
so you can,t blame the pushtoon for what ever he did or did not to hazara
After abdul rahman became the king in kabul
afghanistan was a collection of fifdom , a collection of diferen local ruler. just like it was in the 1990s
The biggest treat to his kingdom was pushtoon in the south
in he dealt with thim with iron hand , and one way to weaken them was to divide them, so he expelled many of them to the north of afghanistan and killed most ot their leaders like mullah musk alam who was of Andar pushtoon tribe. amin ullah khan, mohmad jan khan wardak and others
this way he secured his kingdom from a treat from the south by exiling many pushtoon tribe to the north,
this expulsion of pushtoon had some other binifits as well , like mixing the pupulation , holding the advance of russion in the north and increasing the goverment income through taxes.
the next beggest treat to his kingdom was the rulers of hazarajat, and Amir abdul rahmankhan fought them with no less or more ruthlesness then he fought the pushtoon in the south
Amir abdul rahman had no major war againt th tajik or uzbik. in fact his army was made of tajik and uzbik
Now we have the history of that period of time in a nut shell and we can by analysing the circumstances of that time juge him for his action
It is my opinion that the unifiction of a county is a painful but a neccecery process. we can look at other country and study how they unified and became a nation
THe American had thier civil war with no less atrocity , befor the south and north was united into one country, called the USA
The Russion and afterwords the Soviet Union had thire civil war with no less atrocity before it become a single nation
I can give many examples but for now this two should be enough
So my piont is that yes i agree with you
crimes were committed, atrocity were committed, But it did,t happened just in afghanistan, and it was certainly not just directed at hazara
But in genral, in every country it is an ugly and painfull proceess to go thuough and become a nation
How ever what is unacceptable is going on about it and trying to settle scores, this way , we would be killing each other for ever. and it will bring no binifit to anyone
I think that our best option is to accept our distiny and accept each other and built on what we have. and not on what we could have which we would never have
And again time is the main factor in all this
we do not need to repeat the history and kill each other because of what have happened more than a centry ago
we can,t juge the ruller of that time by todays human standard
and we shoul certainly not apply the standard of that time in this time and age

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