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استقبال از تاسیس شبکه همبستگی تورک های آذری و هزاره

21 دسامبر 2012, 14:54, توسط the truth teller

As an Afghan i would like to see the promotion of good relation, freindship and brotherhood between deferent afghan ethnic groups
Azarbaijan have no effect on our daily life , our finence our future, because azarbaijan is itself a backwards country and have nothing to offer
If hazara want bright future for themselfs and their future generation, then it,s time to get connected and forge good and brotherly relation with pushtoon , tajiks and other afghns,
and that,s where there future is,
Azari have thier own futrure and thier own problem and i don,t think hazara are part of it

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