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28 دسامبر 2012, 04:40, توسط BAD BOY

I think that before we discuss whether Maulana was a Turk a or an Arian Iranian, we should discuss whether hazaras are turk or mughul, Because if hazaras want Mawlana for themselfs, then they might be arguing the wrong case
I mean that if later on hazaras turn out to be mughul, it would be difficult for them to argue again and to claim that mawlana was mughul
It would be also beneficial to explain the difference between turks and mughuls in a nutshell
The Turks were north-eastern asian people, they were all nomads tribes,and were constantly searching for grazing land for thier herd and it was this search for fresh grazing land that brought them into contact with persian empire and later on with differnent alrian kingdoms
they also had trading relations with central asian and iranian -Arian people.1
hundreds of thousands of turks were sold by other turks as slaves to different arian king, great many turkish tribes were granted fresh grazing land by Araian kings in central asia
As centuries passed the turkish pupulatin increased and with that thier military power also increased and their were also hundreds of thousands of turkish slaves in arian kingdoms armies, To add to that, the arab musims army arrived and Arians power in the area was greatly reduced and eventually the turks established thier own kingdoms in central asia and advanced as far as asia minor in the case of saljoq turk and india in the case of ghaznovid
But all this to happen took centuris and during this time those nomad turkish tirbe got civilised and in many cases even persionised and they adopted persian language, contributed to the arian civilisation
BUT Mughul have altogther different story
they came as armies of hudreds of thousands of soldiers under the commond of changiskhan and killed thousands of people and wiped out the entire islamic civilisations
Even though they eventually converted to islam and adopted persion and other arian languages, but they never managed to undo the damage thier forfathers have done
Now it,s an established fact that hazara belong to mughul rather then turk and this theory is supported by scientific testing and DNA testing and many historical facts
so my piont was , that if hazara want mawlana for themselfs , then should argue that he was mughul rather then turk

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