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28 دسامبر 2012, 08:19, توسط bad man

bad boy bachim
the Aryan myth with your masters put into your mouth has long been dead. no full believe those western colonizers stories anymore other than fools like you. the Indian scientists proved the Aryan story wrong long time ago. so shut up and don’t mimic the westerners
also, if you are Muslim as you claim, Islam has nothing to do with race. so stand clear. you can either be a pan-Islamist or a racist. you can’t be both
so if you are a Muslim, the hazara are Muslim. if you are a racist then, state it. i am a hazara but a Sunni hazara. our fathers declared themselves tajiks. we are a very sizable proportion of the hazara population. but our new generation are going back to their hazaragi roots. the reason? your racism. i should let you know, as long as you guys attack the hazara identity then you are actually uniting us to stand our ground
also, your old trick is not working. that trick is to say that the hazaras are Mughol and the mughols did defeated the islamic state and therefore the hazaras should pay the price. that is exactly where you are getting at
first of all, if you are muslim, once someone is muslim, then his personal animosity will be forgiven. i mean his animosity against muslim. now , how can you punish a people after 800 years of crimes of their ancestors? is thier any base for such a stupic idea in islam, International law, ethics and so on? from here , one can easily understand that why there has been such a rumor going on in Afghanistan for a long long time. because afghan government also wanted to play the same trick which obviously worked to a very limited extend. this is funny, because the muslim of india, alway grieved the toppling of the Mughol dynasty of india as a last Muslim dynasty
and let me tell you this, when yo are insisting on hazaras being Mughols while the absolute majority of hazaras deny it, you are rediculing yourself. this is a very afghani mentality to force things on others
and let me tell you another thing as well. the Uzbek are Turkic people. they consider Timor Lang their hero. but who was timor? he himself claimed to be a direct decendent of chengis khan. do you consider uzbek as muslims or not? do you consider Indian Muslims as Muslims or not
if you are trying to rally the Iranians against the hazaras then let me tell yo this
the Iranians have limited authority in the Muslim world
the Iranians don’t let hazara alone even though the hazara are telling them thank you very much, leave us alone
and finally i wonder why the Muslim countries have diplomatic relations with Mongolia? why Afghanistan let more than 200 moguls commandos to train the Afghan army? that makes you to look very stupid and out of the garden
and the Iranians who got the brunt of the Mughul armies attacks, let the Mongolian president to visit there most important nuclear reactor. that is not a very promising sign of revenge

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