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بررسی پروسه صلح، همزمان با سفری کرزی به دوحه

31 مارچ 2013, 23:05, توسط bad boy’s killer

Bad boy,
Wishful thinking......what you and those like you think and hope are nothing but kheeyaal palow. Unfortunately for you and the likes of you, it will never take place. It is time you better wake up and come to realize what a force the Hazara are. The positive impact the Hazara have left in Afghanistan and Afghan history despite all the odds against them is unparalleled. They have caused the majority of Afghan population to grow and understand that difference can be a source of power and an asset and not necessarily a burden or liability. The Hazara are the front runners of civil society and positive change despite the many constant hurdles they face and they move forward with such determination and purpose that the likes of you are nothing but tiny pebbles brushed off their path.
Bad boy,
Many in Afghanistan admire the Hazara openly or in their hearts for what they can accomplish for Afghanistan. And for those (perhaps you are one of them) who can’t, they better look into the mirror; there lies their problem.
Bad boy,
This was just a humble note to you if you are a man or woman of thought.
And remember; the ability to write a few words (with easily noticeable mistakes) in English won’t give you any edge here either.

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