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اعتصابی که به ششمین روز کشانده شد

29 آپریل 2013, 13:37, توسط BAD BOY

My comments had been removed from this page, but before it,s removal , some badmouthed hazaras responded to it in a truely hazara nature, by using bad languge and insult, and that is the only thing that flatnose hazaras are good at
I only stated in my original comment that hazaras do not qualify for asylum in the west , because they are perfectly safe in afghanistan and due to their service to foreign spy agency (specially iranians) , they are doing quite well in Afghanistan
By committing such exreme acts of self harm in order to get stay in the west and get an easy life is shamful and give bad name to afghanistan and no real afghan well ever do that.
Someone stated above that some pushtoon and Tajiks also took part in this so called protest, which is absolute rubish, because looking at the photos above, they are all flatnose, and where have you seen a pushtoon or Tajik with flat nose
that if hazaras can do that to themself just to stay in the west, what would they do or they have done to the people they presume thier enemies

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