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فساد گسترده ی خانواده و اطرافيان حامد کرزی!

12 می 2008, 12:51, توسط makawoanazonajanana

Well ; we all know that an abused man or women or an abused nation have no guts’ or moral to stand even front of a misquote to defense there right or in other words there property or belonging . war faces is change to day , and in stead of brave people, to day war fight by a bunch of mom boy , gay , smuggler , sex trader , and all those who love to have a life like insect in feet of all those rejected super power who since long time defeated in all part of this world . interring all this bunch of criminal to politics of Afghanistan by CIA is prove that government of united stat want to disrespect brave people of Afghanistan to world , and have plan to change Afghanistan to Thailand . present of LAY THAI in wazir Akbar khan or lot of other bar or grill like shamrock in street of Kabul , is starting or beginning of braking down people to there knees , and once people empty from self respect and national heritage , and country take over by all this gung , us military well be never fir a built on you and all country well be admit as a one of America stat .

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