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« لش» زخمی ما و تداوم استبداد تاریخی بر آن!

15 می 2013, 22:53, توسط mmmmmmmm

The crimes committed by hazaras in kabul and some other parts of Afghanistan in the 1990s were the worst kind of athrocities accomplished by a minority ethnic group against a nation
These crimes included but were not limited to:1
Raping and then toruring women and cutting thier breast off and then killing them. After the west of Kabul was liberated from hazara fighters by forces loyal to Ahmad shah musood, tens of women were freed, some of them barly alive from just one of thier safe house in Afshar, the safe house belonged to Hazara leader Ali Mazari
Hazaras are also known to kill their victim by burning them alive or driving nails down their victims skul, or cutting of their heads
Hazaras can play the victim in the west to get asylum, but we Afghan know them better, and if they think they can fool anyone,well they are only fooling themself

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