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سوداگران سیاه سخن یا افزار نحس تفرقه و نفاق در میان اقوام و ملیتهای محروم کشور

28 اكتبر 2013, 11:55, توسط salam charikari

Why are you behaving like a crazy dog, instead posting meaningfull response with logic and at least politness of a street gangster. You seem realy like ill-minded person. Or is it becasue of your are origin as Turkemn/ it means kala Kham? Are you analyzing something or analizing?

People like you are the example for Afghans, who would do anything to sell the country. Look again to your posting, how can you accept to be a citizen of Afghanistan, if you do not accept the name of Afghanistan? Go to Uzbekisten with all the other kala Khams. Afghanistan is only for people, who cares about Afghanistan. If Tajiks, Hazaras, pashtuns or Uzbeks or Turems. All should be equal. But not people like you. Why you dont bring a plan, how to make the life better? Why you dont post some information, which would heighten the level of information? Or why you don’t build a school or anything which would help. You carzy crazy crazy stupid dog. Salam Charikari

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