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دروغ های تيم اقتصادی حامد کرزی ادامه دارد!

10 جون 2008, 09:50

Dear Kamran salam, thanks for the good job and your website is the only website disclosing the crimes which is carried by Karzai’s administration with ward lords and drug dealers

I have a request this website is only visited by afghans so we all know about this corrupt government and if possible to contact with world famouse nespapers to print these facts about Afghanistan what is going on where the monney goes and to know Karzai is totally lost his face as he is a corrupt and the supporter of criminals,drug dealers and all the money goes to his or his friends bank account and the poor people of this country is suffering from hunger since this corrupt person is on power day by day situation is geting worser and he lost his face amoung afghas

The donor countries must know the money is not going to be spended to poor poeple the money is going to be spended for prepartion of next election of this corrupt person

Who is in the team of Karzai warlords like Ahmad zia masood,khalili,syaaf, members of gul buddin or son of panjabies taliban

they are all involved in the killing of thousands thousands of innocet peopel instead they have to be behind the bars they got high positions in the government I hope your website is going to be visited by outside worl and to find out the facts about this corrupt and shameless person(karzai)

I am sorry I do not have dari key board to write in pashtu or dari.

With regards, Fahim Ludin

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