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افشای سندی از يک رهبر ارشد طالبان: ملاعمر برکنار شود!

13 جون 2008, 11:06

Now they understoond mullah omar is not suitable for the job as an afghan we knew from the first day this blind is just make by pakis to destroy our country,Rabbani,syaaf,gulbuddin,mullah omar karzai,maqeeq,khalili all of them are the enemy of afghanistan just they have different names but they are all the same thier hands are full of blood of innocent afghans

This letter is accusing mullah omar which was accused from the begning now they are bringing the original paki as thier leader it means this letter means they are taking off the mask from thier dirty faces and we all knew from the begning pakis are the leader of taliban for us betullah masood is a paki he does not have the right to come and fight here in afghanistan first he has to clean heraa manadaiee in lahoor and save his sisters and mothers from dirty job or lee markeet in Karachi how come he turns blind eyes on prostitutons and many more things in pakistan even thise kind of dirty things is not happining in none islamic country but he announce jahad in afghanistan

lanaat khodaa ba jahad shumaa kasafata showaaa ka ee jahad shumaa mardoom afghanistan raa gadaa bekhanaa be hezaat sakht

marg ba tamame shumaa hamaqaa

Fahim ludin

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