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افشای سندی از يک رهبر ارشد طالبان: ملاعمر برکنار شود!

19 جون 2008, 22:31, توسط makawoanazonajanana

If you read the new situation from back of the latter or in one meaning from left to right , you well understand that karzai a kind a defense afghan Taliban against Pakistani government and also against Pakistani Taliban , in many cases what ever is in front of you , is not look like what ever is in meaning . specially when tow or three party playing the same game , and all in back of stage united for one target . also karzai have to take this 50 billion from world community one way or other . that’s why he have to show same activity to gain more confidence of world community . other way may in stead of 50 billion they pay him les , I means may be about 10 billion , and this is not the amount who all he is syndicate waiting for ,.

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