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آیا راهی حلی به مشکلات افغانستان وجود دارد؟

14 جولای 2008, 08:47

we have lost a golden chance after kicking out the dirty,unhuman taliban out of power in 2001 if we had a good leader now our position was much better but unfortunatly koor mullah gone kaar bacha came to power so if we all saying to this kaaarzai go and leave this nation and you have brought this nation to knee by your stupid decistions by giving the power to warlords,druglords,corrupts friends and family members and we know you made allot of money and go

we also know half of karzai government is full of ISI agents and even Karzai raised in hands of pakis he is one of those daal khoor who spent his time in Queeta of Pakistan before going to open a samwaar in USA look to his personality for the sake of allah compare him with malaki the priminster of Iraq when Malaki meet Bush at least he keeps his honor but Karzai is totally losing his mind almost going to kiss the feet of Bush that shows how much his corrupt and lost person for power,looting and wealth he does anything another example he kiss the hand of Mujadadi while mujadadi said many times dont do it but as he is a loser and weak person he will try to dance in all kind of music like a fox

we hate karzai and he has to go to hell.

Fahim ludin

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