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اين باغ وحش است، خانه ی گرگان و درندگان

22 می 2007, 00:01, توسط Afghan

Malalai has only said what the reality of both houses, she only mentioned the bitter acts & fACTS of the parlementarian didnt she commit any huge crime as some of the Lower and Upper houses members? why are we trying to be blind? Realy Afghanistan needs men and Women as Malalai. Should we need any detail of thoses’ leaders we need to reffer to 15 years back history lets go on the mass graves,be evidence of the masacars and .... who did it you me or she? Lets be realistic and accept the reality of each person of that WHO IS WHO? I do support her comments. Lower House doesnt have the right according to the law to suspend her. I wish once houses will be able to make a fair dicision.
May Allah will help us build our capacity of undrestanding, country will be built then.

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