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8 November 2008, 22:52, by Jameel

The people of Afghanistan - especially in Kabul and the northern portion recognoize that the British have a long relationship with the destructive forces within Afghanistan. Originating from the colonial experience - and after 1947 continued on through the British established Pakistan military and security services - and the British embassy in Islamabad - there has been a constant stream of interference and manipulation of the Pashtun tribes in Afghanistan and on the frontier.

The original coming of the Taliban were seen as an invention of the British-US-Saudis - as an attempt to establish in Afghanistan - especially in northern Afghanistan - of a base of Islamist-Salafist expansionary stronghold - in order to move on into Central Asia and eventually Russia. That strategy failed - mostly due to the Talibans inability to crush out the fighters of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

The people of the north still do not trust the manipulative British - whom they see as planning for a long stay in the region - and willing to commit the most heinous crimes to get to that end.

The people will not allow the British to succeed in their goals - and ultimately the British will suffer a back lash for their games.

Any message or comments?


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