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گزارش همراه عکس های بیشتری از تظاهرات مردم دایکندی/ آيا مردم برای حقوقشان سلاح بدست بگيرند؟

29 آپریل 2009, 18:30, توسط Malang

The Hazaras are so peaceful and sivilized people,such demonstration is a clear indication. It is amazing to see that in this part of Afghanistan people use non-voilence means to raise their voces, but in other places people choose sucide, weapon etc. But for how long should the hazaras continue like this, is it not time for some seriouse action? An action that Karzai and other like him can hear? My message to Karzai is: do NOT force people to hate you, try do something that people will love you for that.
If you want them to love you, then: - build road, school, water chanel, do not send administrators who supress local people, prevent Kuchis from Hazarajat instead of signing " Talibani/Mohseni Law

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