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پروگرام بی ۵۲ آقای بشردوست

26 می 2009, 17:26, توسط nz

Mr Azadian salam. Firstly I wanted to say to you that you have think about what you say before you put in the internet. You are right when say that Bashardost can not lead Afghanistan, because he tells lie to Afghan’s people. Yuo have said he did not do what he had said to do as parliment member, but can you please put yourself only once as Bashardost and what could you do in a parliment where all the mebers are agaist you? Also can you please tell who has done the right thing for Afghanstan, why our inoccent peole still die? Why the situation getting worst day after day in Afghanistan? When it comes to presidency who do you think can lead Afghanistan for another five years? Has Karzai done the right thing for our people in six years Do you think he is the right person to lead our country for another six years? When it comes to honesty, who do you think is the honest candidate for presidency? Will it be one of those candidates who has killed our people and still killing? Mr Bashardost always has done the right things for our people, but he did not have the power to do what he had said to do as only one person in killer parliment. I hope our people do not give their votes to peolpe who has drink the blood of our people for more than thirty years and they are still drinking. I am looking forward to get some answer from Mr Azadian and and my best wishes for the candidates who are not thirsty of drinking our people’s blood. ?

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