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کوچ اجباری به روايت عکس

22 می 2009, 00:23, توسط Lomani

I do not know why Hazara people just blaming on Karzai and Pashtoons? We should ask Khalili and Muaqeq because they are responsible for Hazara people in Karzai’s government. Khalili is the second voice president of Mr. Karzai. I do not know why Hazara people only stuck on Karzai, every body knows karzai was a Talib and his father Abdul Ahad karzai was one of the famous founders of the Taliban. Hazara people killed himself and straggled against injustice just for their clear future until being a Hazara shouldn’t be a crime, even Khalili could not support his own villagers in Behsood. Khalili is looking for his own benefit with his brother Nabi.
If we see carefully on Khalili’s background which he had interviewed with Emroz ma on 1990’s, He was a shepherd in behsood village until 15 years old, his father died then he came to Kabul with his mother. He could not find job so his mother was working as a drycleaner and had washed cloths for 5 years in Kabul city, then became refugee with his family to Iran, he attended in Islamic school to got free money. He served with Iran and Iraq war for long time and joined the Islamic Nasar party of Afghanistan and he was very cleaver and has a double face as an evil, after killing his leader by Taliban became leader of Wahdat party.
He is a traitorous person just looking for his own benefit, now he has 2 big ships currying oil in Persian sea, his brother took all the whadat areas as was their own surety. Hazara people should ask were he found these match money?
If Hazara people want to solve the Kochies problem should come together and start bottle against Pashtoons and Pashtoons supporters as they did against the Rabanis and Masood regime.

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