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3 جولای 2007, 16:40, توسط Kudos Talash

In a country that aliens ( CIA+F.B.I.) made a puppet govrnment, and chose Hamid Karzai as President of this country, it is complete normal if a minister or any other body who works in government spy for other countries.

Mr.Hamid Karzai report every things for his friends /Americans
if you want to take spy ,you must take the boss.

Rangin Dadfar Sapanta must inform some time his German friends about situation Khorasan-Country ( Afghan=Pashtun +Stan ) , it is not spy , it is just a friendly cooperatation

Anwarulhaq Ahadi , Ashraf Ghani Ahmad Zai ,and every body may friendly cooperate with some aliens countries. Certainly they do it

Pashtun=Afghan people instead to think about freedom of Khorasan-Country , they report every week to International Organization that Pashtun are 95% Population of Khorasan-Country. C.I.A. and F.B.I. Mafia say : Continue your allegation because it is in over benefit

ta_lash yahoo.com - Fascism and ugly U.S.A. 3 July 2007

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