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24 آگوست 2009, 09:56, توسط hassan sahraa

It was clear and understandabl that Dr. Bashadoost did not have foriegn support, beside few Afghan nationals out side the country.Furthermore knowingly he has no political party machine as such to run the compaign for him. His fast written program without much research and public opinion gathering opend space and earned him votes from the bottum end of the society. His anty corruption mission and Justice and equality found resonance and made him to stand beside the agent of world power and....
This in itself has been a sucess on one side and on ther hand so little marketting to winn the ellection
means that the public do know what is wrong with Karzai and the group.
God may bless Bashar Doost first if wrigging is not going to be the case.
Hassan Sahraa

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