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Abolishing women’s rights: revisiting the Afghan Parliament’s "Shiite Family Personal Status (Rape) Law"

20 October 2009, 04:15, by Basir Hellmandi

Dear Shiko, Your viwe and your sympathy is appriciated, and its well done that you express the voice of a society which has been mute since the invasion of a foreign wild desert culture. I think this silent society needs such brave and warrior persons like you who can make people arround the world hear our voices and help us fight and defeat this antihumanism idiology in our country.
For me religion is private, and MUST NOT be interfared in politics. Its very unlogic and unfair when people’s minds are surrounding by these kinds of stoneage toughts which come from a man who has no wide and scientific prospective about the progress and developments of the society.
These kinds of old and stoneage thoughts which push down the society is strongly condemned.

I hope that you condemn the idiology at all, Not only the person.
Many of our landsmen protested agressively against the Rape Law, becuase it was a purpose of an non-hazara person. Many of the Hazara Mullahs have confirmed the purpose, but no one did say anything against it.
I hope you undrestand my viwe, cuz my english is very poor.

Best regards
Looking further to hear more from you

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