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گوانتاناموی امنيت ملی افغانستان

16 جولای 2007, 03:01, توسط tariq

dear sir Mir hazar
first of all i am showing you the deepest condolences from the core of my heart for your being held captived for nothing bye the people who do not know nothing but injustice,racism and insult to human rights we afghans staying in london are proud of you and of what you have done for the betterment of democracy and illitration in afghanistan despite of being in danger and having given death threat still you do your job bravely we rarely have such heroes in Afghanistan if we had atleast 100 of of 30 million of population we would not face the current problems you are a real natioanl hero for all afghans all over the world the best of my suggestions to you would be that the journalists union help you to get asylum to one the countries where you can fight for your rights first than for the war hit,racism hit and poverty hit people of afghanistan we hope for the day that we have thausands of Mir hazar who will difinetly change the failed system of current afghanistan
tariq from London

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