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25 جولای 2007, 06:50, توسط Reza Yawari - east Africa

Dear Kabul Press Representative,

Fully respect to your policy and strategy.

I am pleased after having seen your evaluation advertisement; I appreciate the idea, it would be key steep to understand common senses of journalism work.

I have gone through almost the articles, comments and suggestions that have been posted in Kabul Press WebPages. As you mentioned, “Kabul Press aims to create a modern journalism work environment in Afghanistan” the idea is great and it’s appreciable but it need some one to understand well the level of knowledge and acceptance of audiences otherwise it might cause of hurting people and creating a new phase of clash environment for the people who exercising almost three decades of conflicts and physically treatment.
That is true that we have in Afghanistan freedom of speech as you highlighted every journalist using it’s own method to achieve the goal, it doesn’t mean to forget and don’t consider the value of culture, religion, rule and regulation of a country, be honest and real journalist and don’t forget national revenue, our country needs more people to act as positively rather than negative, you and your colleagues might know better than me about the impact of media in the public opinion so pleas be careful about what you guys are doing.

Sorry for not having Dari font.


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