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3 آگوست 2007, 03:30, توسط Latif Moammadi

Hi everyone...
Since most of our people have very little tolerance for inflammatory comments, i reckon we should not allow posts with inflammatory language to be viwed on this great website.Filtering out posts with inflammatory and racist language is not thought to be a type of censorship.Because, censorship is defined as bannings stuff you dont like.For this case, it desn’t go right with the definition

Filtering out inflammatory language offers some advantages too. First,in the long-term, people who post comments with inflammatory ,racist and insulting language will stop posting them because they will be tired of posting comments that are not viwed on the website. Secondly, those people will learn that posting emotionally-charged comments (insult,anger,accusations without proof)
is not the way to make your self heared because no one is interested in reading their comments. Third, with filterin out comments containing emotionally-charged language, we are transforming this website into an environment of constructive critism,logic and rational thoughts...The last one is very important for creating an atomosphere where the readers will enjoy reading,posting comments, analyzing,correcting the news and each others comments.

Filter out comments with racist, inflammatory and insulting language and this website will maintain it lead over its counterparts in the long-term

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