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Would creating a Pashtunistan solve Afghanistan’s troubles?

13 February 2010, 14:58, by اپریل

they specially bring this LOC Durand issue to field to create more conflict between people of Afghanistan . you look nicely in both said of LOC there’s no one accept pashton , then you want to give freedom for whom . or why you want to create pashtonistan out of Afghanistan ? when in both said of line of control are pashtun living like thousand of years and for travailing to north or south of this so called LOC they no need any kind of visa or ID card , it means this pashton enjoy life geographically more then any other nation in this planet . then why you want to create pashtonistan for them . you can create ENGLISHTAN and then call Briton to came and fix them self as peace keeper and create from poor pashtoon ( sir ) or ( Kent ) or other British idiotic name and position .

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