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Would creating a Pashtunistan solve Afghanistan’s troubles?

17 February 2010, 06:08, by تنویر

I would be very naive to compare America and her establishment to Porkistan a country which has no history, no culture no any legal basis other than to be part of Indian and Afghanistan history and culture.

America was established in a time when states were coming to life and was a completely different time.

Pakistan( Porkistan) is a product of 20th century cold was exactly like East Germany and Yemen and South and North Korea. That should come to an end one day.

Pakistan is a country that exist at the cost of division of two other countries and in particular Afghanistan where Pashtuns and Baluchs are deprived from their brother and sisters and from their families.

Pakistnan was established after British realised that they can’t any more keep India under its rule. In order to have a place in the region they committed their greatest crime and divided two countries to have a slave state.

Ali Zena or Ali Jena was a British Agent, who like a true slave betrayed Great Gandhi and the spirit of an independent and united India. That was the reason that Gandhi other fellow fighter Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan called him as fake as the Pakistan it self.

Present Pakistan is good for Punjabis but majority of Baluchs and Pukhtuns never will accept it as their homeland.

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