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Would creating a Pashtunistan solve Afghanistan’s troubles?

27 May 2010, 04:12, by Kakail

Dear Laura,

It is understandable that in case of Afghanistan, division seems to be the best possible answer. But honestly, it isn’t. Division without administration is even worse than the current state. It will only result in yet another buffer state, a safe haven for all those who want the division to happen.

Internation Community is not in Afghanistan because the Taliban didn’t know how to rule the country. They are here because Human Rights were serverely being violated plus the advent of 9/11. The reason itself tells us the answer to the problem, which is education. Even if we ignore the Taliban era most of the cultural practices in Afghanistan are still barbaric and midevil. The only way we can get rid of that is through education and the introduction of new practices, and by the submission to the general Laws of country; not the cultural practices. The more they learn the better they can differentiate the right from wrong.

Another way of taming Afghans is to privatize the market. Have them invest their money in businesses thereby creating a risk factor? If powerful people have their money invested in businesses inside Afghanistan they will try to protect it instead of destrying it so automatically you will have both development and security...

As far as external elements causing the problem is concerned, we as Afghan have to sit on the negotiating table and start negotiating. Creating new territories would mean added mess in the region.

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