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Would creating a Pashtunistan solve Afghanistan’s troubles?

29 May 2010, 07:39, by گوربز خان "عطاخیل "

I must repead my view again: This is the time that USA and the world put pressure on Pakistan to hand over the Pakhton areas to Kabul without any conditions , like UK did to China the HONG kong. In this regads a new mapp is created.Both countries must take responsibiity to obey the new agreement and respect each other’s border Afghanistan must have a transite way Persian Gulf and way to the ocean through Gawader border in Qauta. This is the only way if we want to tacke terorism and religios extrimism. Now we have lots of origen Afghan Americans in USA to can play the roll of lobby for their netive land, and this is a gulden appotunity to everyone to do someting for the next generations in this part of the world. I want that Pakistan must be devided . This is in favar of every one including USA Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Gurbuz Atakhel

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