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Dear Lura

4 June 2010, 19:02, by Jasho

Dear Lura,

Thank you for your brilliant idea ,the article and nice comments.

As an afghan but not pashtun, I am completely agree with you.
This is a dream for non pashtun people of Afghanistan to be independent and leave them for Pashtunistan, this is the only way of solving the problems of the region and the world!
Actually from 30 years ago most part of central and north of the country were fighting for this...and now is the best time for this because of presence of NATO and USA here to avoid balkanization.
the best way is tht at first Afghanistan plus pashtun and baluch areas in pakistan devided in 6 federal states for pashtuns of Afghanistan and pakistan seprately, tajiks, ozbeks and hazaras of Afghanistan and a joint state for all baluchs..., then must be a free referendum with control of international representatives and forces about the future of this nations
i.e if they want to be independent or to join one of Afghanistan or Pakistan. And in this way, I think pashtuns vote to be Independent and Pashtunistan will formed!
Another plan is just for Afghanistan that separate south from north, then leave pashtuns to themselves if they want to be part of Pakistan and or be independent.
The third way that i think you have sympathy to it, i. e adding pashtuns of Pakistan to Afghanistan at first and then separating them, is impossible because by that Pakistan will be completely breakup and no one wants this...and also non pashton people of Afg never accept overwhelming of pashtons in the country...
I am sure that in the future, we will see some big changes in the borders or name of countries of the region as have been happened in Balkan 2 decades ago.

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