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The Battle for Afghanistan’s Hearts and Minds has been Lost

13 April 2010, 15:17, by Zencali

I was in your wonderful country once and can tell you one thing for sure: for rich powerful Americans you are a great place to steal. You have everything: mountains, gemstones, geographic and political position. And Americans will steal it all the same way they did to us Native American Indians. I recently presented the female chief of a local Native American tribe in Oregon USA a photo of your refugee camps and said "looks just like the first reservations (concentration death camps) for Native Americans when the Europeans stole their land. Try to realize, that all the great freedom and beauty they lie to you about in America was bought at the price of blacks in slavery and stealing the land from the natives (exactly in the same way Israel has stole the Palestenian land). There is no difference: there is one goal: to make your country into a big resort/military base/natural resources theft bank for rich Europeans and Americans. If by the way they have no other choice than to win the hearts of you Afghanis — they will pretend to do so. I feel very sorry for you. They are huge, powerful and violent and mean and you will have to learn how to jump when they snap their fingers and dance when they play their songs. They will turn your women into their slaves and prostitutes and sell your souls to their banks. Good luck. There are some nice ones.....they tag along and pick up the dead children and teach Christian love.

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