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در يک شبنامه در باميان:

25 جنوری 2008, 12:50

`If there was logic behind this letter then would not mentioned the name of those crimanls like Shafi dewana, qambar laang and others

Then the pashtun will aslo say Dadullah dewana will come out his grave this time with his two legs and when he had only one leg what happend to people in Bamyan and come again to bamyan even the bigest dewana Mullah Umer is still alife and the chances are visible to come back by that kind of stupid warning will not solve anything if this man or group was clever they could claim with logic and we may be agreed with them

By giving warning as we all know none of the people of this country will affried from such childesh warning
pashtun.tajik hazara uzbek baloch and others will never affried but it will increase the level of hate among us

Even I have doubt about this letter if it is really writen by Hazara people and it gives us clue there might be the hand of Iran or Pakistan once again to bring us in the civl war

Ikhlas wardak

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