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Kamran Mir Hazar        Letter to Editor

Burhanuddin Rabbani

Ahmad Khalil


Mr Kamran Mir Hazar

Editor Kabul Press


Dear Friend,

I have sent the enclosed letter couple days ago with the hope you will publish it in your letter of editor , but unfortunately you did not. Once again I am dispatching it with the hope you will publish it in your esteemed site

Thank you,


Dear Editor

Recently a famous Turkish new paper in the name of Wakneet published the interview of the former Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani In the interview the former Afghan President touched upon the important issues: He informed that he established contact with all the war- lords who are locked up in fighting with coalition force headed by NATO; however he denied his contact with the Taliban. He mentioned that   his forces will not fight Taliban even if they capture Kabul .  Also he mentioned that he knew  Osma Bin Laden since Soviet occupation of Afghanistan . The Afghan leader termed OBL not the enemy of Afghanistan and his animosity is only toward the American. Also he critised  the   Afghan President Hamid Karzai and NATO forces in Afghanistan for the unrest in Afghanistan


Now the question raises who high-jacked the Afghan nations from 1996 to 2001, till the US forces came down and rescued us from the yoke of Taliban and Alqaeda?  Who closed down all educational institutions in Afghanistan ? Who put restriction on education and work of Afghan women?  Who burned   down our farms and vineyard finally who assassinated the Afghan hero Ahmad Shah Massod on 9/9/2001 ?  I am sure Mr. Rabbani doesnt have answer to these questions.


The Afghan nations termed the Alqaeda leader  Osma Bin Laden their number one enemy he was  responsible for the genocide committed during Taliban era;  and also whatever unrest nowadays  going-on  in southern Afghanistan are hatched  by OBL.  He is not only foe of Jesus, Christen and Hindu.  He is equally responsible for the unrest in the Islamic countries like Iraq , Jordan , Saudi Arabia , Yemen and Egypt .


 The Afghan nations never forget the 9/11, the Madrid , the Bali , the Riaz , and London  bombings and whatever  innocent live were perished in these incidents for all these Osma Bin Laden is responsible. I do not how Mr. Rabbani interprets his view about terrorist leader and says he is not our enemy. Nevertheless our religion always encourage us for peace, prosperity and brotherhood


I do not know  why Mr Rabbani criticise   the coalition forces under leadership of NATO and as well as the Afghan president Mr Hamid Karazi. The Afghan think that coalition forces brought peace, tranquility, security and thrown Taliban and Alqaeda  from Afghanistan . If these force were not in Afghanistan it is impossible for Rabbani to come to Kabul and sit in Afghan parliament. Also I do not know what harm Afghan president inflict to Rabbani. Mr Karzai may useless for the Afghan but he did a lot for Rabbani. He appointed his two sons each Salahuddin Rabbani first secretray in Afghan mission New York and Jalaluddin Rabbani first secretary in Afghan embassy in Dubai Both of them were granted special privilege to complete their education and also take the benefit of diplomat


The Afghan know Rabbani very well he was the part of problem in Afghanistan . When refused to resign from the post Afghanistan presidentship Gulboddin fired thousands of rocket to Kabul . He was equally responsible for the destruction of Kabul city. When he was the Afghanistan president he brought Hamid Gul the chief ISI of Pakistan in Kabul as special advisor to the president. He was agent of ISI for several years. People blamed Ahmad Shah Ahamdzai for the purchase of hundred housed in Kabul, however Rabbani has more than hundred houses and gold shops in Dubai, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Kabul, Kunduz and Badkhashan. In year 1992 when Mujhideen established government in Kabul he transferred  about twenty five million dollars from Afghanistan Bank to his own account in Kuwait . Also in 1994-95. I refresh the memory of the readers of this piece that Rabbinic wife was apprehended in Toronto airport while she was carrying five million dollar.


The Afghan nations raised their voices un -equivocally on several occasions that those who (Rabbani is one of them) destroyed Kabul and killed fifty thousand of Kabuli during 1992 to 1996 to be tried in the international criminal court in Netherlands for crime they had committed on the Kabuli, but unfortunately so far nothing is happen in contrary they have still voices on Afghan affairs and their interview are published in the news media.


Thank You,

Ahmad Khalil




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Salaam bar shomaa,

I really enjoyed reading Kabul Press on line.  Great work.  I would like to submit a paper for your consideration.  I hope you find it worthy of publishing in Kabul Press.

Best Regards,

Wali Shaaker



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