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Israel provides humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan


May. 20 -  Israel is sending four ambulances for aid organizations in Afghanistan to evacuate wounded people and take them to hospital, Ma'ariv reported. Several months ago representatives of the Red Cross contacted the director general of Magen David Adom, Avi Zohar, asking for used ambulances. The reason: the Polish Red Cross, which is working in Afghanistan and trying to establish a network of advanced medical services, is having difficulty buying new ambulances because of a budgetary shortfall. The contact was made through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which encouraged Magen David Adom to grant the request as a goodwill gesture to the people of Afghanistan. "Even though this is a Moslem country that does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, we thought that this project might open the way for establishing relations between the two countries," a Foreign Ministry official said. Magen David Adom found four used ambulances from 1995 and 1996 that had been taken out of use and will soon send them to Afghanistan after refurbishing. "By this measure we are showing the Red Cross that we are a first of all a humanitarian organization that does not think of politics."

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Frog Books launches two books of fiction

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