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Sunil K Poolani

 A short biography

Sunil K Poolani, a journalist for the last 14 years, has worked with The Sunday Observer, The Financial Express, Blitz and The Free Press Journal all Indian newspapers in senior editorial positions. Presently he is a senior editor with www.domain-b.com and www.prdomain.com.

He has successfully survived a decade in Bombay, the city he loathes and loves. He was born in Kerala, the southern state of India, and is a fundamentalist when it comes to protecting Kerala culture, literature and cuisine.

His major worries in his life are his liver, Archana (wife), Julie (dog) - of course not in that order - and he loves all of them though he abuses them at certain times.

He is the publisher and managing editor of Frog Books, a Mumbai-based publishing house, launched in March 2003. It has, so far, brought out two books CrossRoad, a novel by Jasmeet Chhabra, and The Rape of News, compiled and edited by Poolani.

The Rape of News is getting rave reviews, enthusistic support and high sales. The theme of the book is: Should papers sell editorial space? The book is the outcome of The Times of Indias announcement that it is marketing its editorial space in that paper and other publications the group publishes. As a result, corporates and individuals can pay money and feature in news columns or other editorial space. Is this ethical, the book asks.

Will or should other newspapers follow suit? Is this the end of the end of the news is sacred concept? Those who have featured (29 writers) in the book comprise media critic Sevanti Ninan, veteran journalist P K Ravindranath, Mid-Day chief editor Aakar Patel, Newsweek senior editor Vibhuti Patel and columnist V Gangadhar.

Frog Books intends to publish at least one book a month. He is also giving the final shape to a literary quarterly.

In 1994, Poolani had co-authored (with Supriya Madangarli) one book in English titled Narmada Diary, and has published a collection of poems in Malayalam, his mother tongue. Two of his books will come out shortly. One book is a collection of his interviews with literary figures (from Olivier Todd to O V Vijayan) and the second is collection of his investigative reports that have appeared in several publications in the last decade.

He has acted in street plays, wrote screenplays, and painted and sculpted some vague artforms when he was young. He was associated with a radical left-wing movement, something he considers as a joke now. He can be contacted at spoolani@hotmail.com

Interests: Writing, reading, journalism, whisky (at times toddy), cinema, the Internet, lazing and fooling around, living dangerously


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Sunil K Poolani

RAHA English Editor


RAHA/24/May/ /2004




نسل نو نويسندگان هند

سانيل کی پولانی

Frog Books launches two books of fiction


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