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Mamata pens poetry on electoral defeat

Kolkata, Grief is flowing as poetry from the pen of Mamata Banerjee while she struggles to come to grips with her Trinamool Congress' debacle in the parliamentary elections.

The fiery leader, who has gone completely quiet and is virtually incommunicado, is spending her time ruminating the stunning loss and doing another thing close to her heart -- writing poetry. She is also painting.

Though she finally managed to say "we will come back" many, many hours after the election results were out on May 13, the Trinamool is now a wrecked house that its leader will find it difficult to rebuild.

Of the state's 42 parliamentary seats, the leftists bagged 35, the Congress six and the Trinamool -- the principal opposition party -- just one!

In the last general election in 1999, Trinamool and its allies had captured 10 seats, the leftists 29 and the Congress three.

While all her important leaders lost, Banerjee was the only one to retain her South Kolkata seat. Her victory margin had dropped by over 100,000 votes.

The stunning loss has left her shocked and confined to her modest single-storied house in a working class southern neighbourhood that also doubles as the party office at times.

Inside, the heartbroken leader spends hours penning poetry that is mostly a vitriolic outburst against the leftists and the Congress.

The latest one ridicules the choice of veteran Marxist Somnath Chatterjee as the speaker of the Lok Sabha.

"Somnath speaker/Congress sticker, they are all together/Is it a get-together?" read the first few lines of the poem.

Banerjee, who has over half a dozen titles to her credit, mostly about her political struggle against the leftists, is also writing Bengali limericks lampooning the alliance between the leftists and the Congress.

Trinamool sources said these short funny verses would be used by her supporters in the coming days to campaign for the revival of the party.

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