Alfredo Fressia, Uruguay

Alfredo Fressia was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1948. He is a poet and translator. He taught French letters for 44 years. Professor of Literature, was dismissed from teaching by the Uruguayan dictatorship. He then settled in São Paulo, Brazil, where he has been living since 1976. He has worked in literary criticism in Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico. His poetic work has been translated into Portuguese, English, French, Romanian, Italian, Greek and Turkish. His first poetry collection was published in 1973 and most recently in 2013, when he completed forty years of poetry. It received several distinctions and was jury of the international Prize Pablo Neruda next to Ernesto Cardenal. He has been editor of the Mexican magazine of the poetry La Otra in its printed version. He taught at Marshal University, WV, Ohio State University of Columbus, Foundation for Mexican Letters, among other institutions. He has presented his work in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, France and Turkey. His most recent poems are “Poeta en el Edén” (Montevideo / Mexico, 2012, now reissued in Argentina), “Cuarenta años de poesía” (Montevideo, 2013), bilingual edition “Clandestin” (Harmattan, Paris, 2013) and “Susurro Sur” (Valparaíso, Mexico) , 2016).

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