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About Kabul Press

Kamran Mir Hazar
Tuesday 8 April 2014

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Kabul Press? is a media organization with a mission. As such, it will support and promote individuals, organizations, businesses, and institutions that align with its mission. Its primary goal is not just reporting current events, but providing a deeper focus on areas not usually covered such as:

• Human rights violations

• Women’s rights and their importance in social and political development

• Social development processes and their important connection with national and international peace and security issues

• Democracy and its various components as well as its unique importance in a vulnerable and underdeveloped country

• Reflecting the real problems of Afghanistan and its progress in meeting its security, stability and development challenges

• Internal and external conflicts that are the source of long-term instability and insecurity

• Peace and conflict frameworks which can increase the potential for coexistence among different political and cultural groups

• Exposing corruption and mismanagement by institutions and individuals charged with protecting the public and improving standards of living in Afghanistan

Kabulpress.org was founded in 2004 by Kamran Mir Hazar in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Kabul Press is a well-known resource for Afghanistan news and is referred to by many publications journals, and organizations such as The Guardian Newspaper (England), The New York Times, The Washington Post, BBC, Reporters Without Borders, and Human Rights Watch. Its content is syndicated world-wide by Gale Media Distribution, al-Bawaba, and Contify. Additional syndication agreements are in progress.

Hundreds of websites and blogs republish the Kabul Press contents or link to KabulPress.org website contents. It has recorded more than 700,000 views for some articles. The average rate of page views is more than 500,000 per month.

Kabul Press features more than 90% original content. Its database of more than 5,000 articles is available for free, on-line. Previously posted content is available through the website and is not deleted. Therefore, readers can access past articles, which increases readership for the entire site.

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Kamran Mir Hazar: Editor-in-Chief / Email: editor at kabulpress.org

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“Kabulpress is a unique forum allowing a variety of Afghans and other participants to critically write and debate issues affecting the country and region. Articles and writers evoke nuanced discussions on vital human rights, political, social, religious, and economic topics. We support the difficult work of Kabulpress as a way to expand debate, defend freedom of speech and thought, and cultivate critical thinking on all things related to Afghanistan.”

— Rory Stewart,

Director of Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy

Poet and Information Systems Specialist
Kabul Press? Chief Editor and Publisher
Hazara from Hazaristan

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So-Called Afghanistan Comprises Diverse Stateless Nations, Including the Hazara, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Pashtun/Afghan, and Nuristani With No Majority or National Identity.

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