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Botero Exhibition Continues at Yebisu Garden Place

Art Daily

EBISU, TOKYO.- Through this July 11, 2004, many of the most well-known larger-than-life monumental bronze sculptures of celebrated Columbian artist Fernando Botero will be on display at an outdoor exhibition of his work at Yebisu Garden Place in Ebisu, Tokyo. The largest of the 20 monumental sculptures in the exhibition weighs 1.5 tons and stands 3.5 meters tall.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the worlds most popular artists, Boteros sculptures, like his paintings, are characterized by their elegant and highly-stylized forms and are known and appreciated throughout the world. Notably called the last great renaissance artist by one commentator, Botero draws upon the traditions of classic painting, Roman and Greek sculpture as well as pre-Colombian art and pottery in his work. Where some artists use color, Botero uses volume to the extreme. In doing so, he manages to capture a sense of scale, humanity, sensuality, and humor in his work.

"Botero at Ebisu" follows a series of groundbreaking outdoor exhibitions in locations including Paris (Champs Elyses), New York (Park Avenue), Washington, D.C., Madrid and Venice, and will be the first major exhibition of Boteros monumental works in Japan, and Asia as a whole. Yebisu Garden Place, known for its European style, will provide a unique backdrop for Boteros timeless sculptures, as part of this popular and elegant landmarks 10th anniversary celebrations.

 Botero, 71, continues to work actively, and this exhibition will feature some of his newest works, seven of which were created between 2001 and 2003 (see attached list). The Maestros Adam and Eve bronzes will stand as welcoming sentinels for visitors. As guests move beneath the glass roof of the central atrium, they will encounter the sitting form of the bronze Cat, a favorite with children, surrounded by four more sculptures. In addition to the 20 monumental sculptures, two smaller sculptures will be on display at Mitsukoshi in Ebisu and in the lobby of the Westin Hotel Tokyo.

 International financial services company, Morgan Stanley has organized the exhibition, along with leading art expert Didier Imbert, as part of its ongoing support of the arts in Japan. Mr. Imbert organized Boteros major outdoor monumental sculpture exhibition at the Champs Elyses as well as many other exhibitions by Botero and other leading artists.

Supporting the event are the Columbian Embassy, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Botero at Ebisu is sponsored by Yebisu Garden Place, Sapporo Beer, the Westin Hotel Tokyo, Kajima Corporation, and British Airways.

"We are delighted to be bringing such a significant exhibition of Boteros monumental sculptures to Japan," said Kensuke Hotta, Chairman of Morgan Stanley Japan Limited. "By making this event open to all, we are pleased to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the sense of awe, well-being and fun that stems from Boteros work."

"Wherever Boteros sculptures go, they delight audiences and bring smiles to all who see them," added Didier Imbert. "This exhibition will provide an experience of the world of Botero for young and old that will never be forgotten."

A catalogue of the exhibition and Botero merchandize will be available for sale from Mitsukoshi in Ebisu. The catalogue will feature photographs of the sculptures in Yebisu Garden Place, shot under the supervision of Maestro Botero following their installation.

 A bilingual (English/Japanese) Botero Outdoor Exhibition website will go online at http://www.boteroatebisu.jp. The website will provide information on Fernando Botero, his work, and the exhibition, as well as a map of the venue.

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