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Obama’s speech— what about the cancer of corruption in the Karzai government?

2 December 2009, 01:58, by Abdul

Why should I accept that "America... has no interest in occupying my country,Afghanistan?"

The first thing I see when I enter Kabul Airport is a so called “American advisor” who stand in the same place where a Russian man used to stand. Anyone in anywhere and at any time can be detained, killed or shot to death in my country. I can be stopped at checkpoints and have to wait for hours without any reason(s). My family, my friends and my villagers can be held in Bagram and other prisons all around the country for years, and I am not allowed to even ask what happened to them. My country’s resources, air space and borders are NOT controlled by me. Could you tell me what occupation means?

Also, Obama said, “The US is the only power which has never sought domination.”

Are you kidding me??? What about hundreds of military bases we have all around the world? What about countless bloody coups we organize, support and fund to overthrow democratically elected governments? What about CIA running around for decades, trying to do ever possible shit to expand the sphere of US power structure???

Any message or comments?


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