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Would creating a Pashtunistan solve Afghanistan’s troubles?

13 April 2010, 21:22, by Najeeb

Hello Laura,

Let me tell you first it has been the goal of Americans and Russians, as well, to change the map of Afghanistan by deviding it into parts. As an Afghan and citizen of Kandahar i am strongly against your idea, though my comments are not to discourage you helping bring peace in Afghanistan.

Lawfully, if you should struggle for, that should be to wipe out the durand line as it was imposed on Afghans as there was no national consensus made in Afghanistan regarding separating these areas from Afghanistan. And we do believe that Abdul Rahman Khan’s tenacity was in debate and that only the english version of the agreement was signed by him. Additionally, the Durand Line agreement was signed for a century and a decade - which no more should be in effect, however, that is your International Law which does not concede this unfortunate crime committed by Colonial British.

Meanwhile, i wouldn’t agree with the process of annexation as neither Afghanistan nor Pakistan has the ability to annex the states into each other, but what i would suggest is to campaign for reunification for the time being unless Afghanistan is stable enough to argue the validity of the crime of H.M Durand!

Afghanistan again is a buffer state and the term of GREAT GAME - that was being used during the rivalry of Russian and British Empires - continues as USA, China, Russia and other NATO countries are fighting their way for Central Asian oil pipelines, and the heart of asia is Afghanistan - who would simply ignore this ’jewel in the crown’?? So that is why America and its so-called alies are here and Taliban and terrorism is solely a pretext.

If you want to implement a strategy that would finally allow U.S and NATO troops to leave successfully, leaving no mess behing, the following are the best options:

1. Help Afghanistan build a powerful army that can defend its territory from invasion from neighboring countries.
2. End curruption
3. Install a government that is favorable to the whole nation
4. Provide economic and military assistance without intervention and command
5. Build electric turbines and make considerable investments in opening factories - which has been the dream of Afghans, and etc.....

Again, currently we must work for Political Rehabilitation in Afghanistan and for reunification of Pashtuns in both side of the border, without deviding Afghanistan.

A person from northern alliance is and will be my brother from another mother :)

In hope of seeing Afghanistan as Ahmad Shah Baba Abdali had created.

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