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Mullah Omar’s supporters rally against women’s rights

Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Kabul, Wednesday, May 22, 2013: A group of Mullah Omar’s supporters and students of faculty of Islamic studies of Kabul university have demonstrated against women rights and approval of law on the Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW). Demonstrators were carrying Taliban flag chanting anti-democracy and women rights slogans. This demonstration was held in Kabul while rights organizations such as Hazara Women International have asked authorities to properly insure the safety and the rights of women in Afghanistan.

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Afghanistan’s Ulama Council wages war against women

by Kamran Mir Hazar

The Afghan Ulama Council has boldly proclaimed a resolution that clearly continues to violate the right’s of women. “Ulama” is the plural form of the Arabic word “Alem” meaning “scholar”, but by no means have these men used the distinguished thoughts of a scholar to devise this mandate.

In the past ten years, the Ulama Council has been the other side of the Taliban coin. Their combined denouncement of women and proclamation against freedom of information continue to squelch the voices of truth.

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