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To the Colombian people who have been suffering for more than half a century

Basir Ahang
Friday 18 April 2014

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Live long your rainbow,
And your wiggling pearl, “Providencia”.
You, the golden, red and blue land
“La Sonora Dinamita” would always be ongoing
With Cumbia dance,
And with the intertwined sound of steely chains,
That brought to the slaves;
The message of freedom.

Now is the time to stand again,
It has been half of century,
That beyond these dark clouds,
A bluish sky has been breathing recklessly.
It has been half a century,
That the paradise, “Providencia”
Has been waiting your glitter;
So that you would break the defective cycle,
And bring hope to its green coast,
Gabo would no more write of the “years of cholera”,
And your children of tomorrow,
Would take each other’s hands
To dance Cumbia e Vallenato.

Stand up!
Bolivar is waiting for “Totó la Momposina”,
To begin murmuring a song,
Regardless of bitterness of tobacco taste.
Basir Ahang November 2013 Venice Italy
Gabo = Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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